Talk to anyone involved with a nonprofit organization and it doesn’t take long to feel their passion.

What inspires their engagement in a purpose is as diverse as the causes they champion. Their zeal to make a difference is unquestionable. The path to success, though, may not always be a straight line when you factor in staffing needs, recruiting volunteers and, perhaps most importantly, building and funding a budget.

That last consideration is often the most difficult, particularly for smaller nonprofits without both the bandwidth and brand awareness to reach broader donor audiences.

Arizona Gives Day helps level that playing field for organizations like Peoria’s AZK9 Rescue and Arizona Safe Baby Haven Foundation in Glendale.  The 24-hour online fundraising event, presented by FirstBank and hosted by the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and the Arizona Grantmakers Forum, is Tuesday, April 2.

“Our goal is to provide critically important donations that enable Arizona nonprofits of every size to continue the good work they do in communities across the state,” Alliance for Arizona Nonprofits Chief Executive Officer Kristen Merrifield said. “For the smaller nonprofits, Arizona Gives Day puts them on the same playing field with the large charities that may have more exposure or a larger donor base.”

Both AZK9 Rescue and Arizona Safe Baby Haven Foundation are limited-budget volunteer-driven nonprofits that look to Arizona Gives Day to generate new, unexpected funding and awareness to potential donors “who may not know about us,” AZK9 Rescue Founder Aaron Bolduck said. “We don’t have an actual facility like some of the bigger animal rescue organizations. We’re based out of houses with an individual foster system.”

Merrifield said, “Giving to organizations that are specifically focused on their communities is like hyper-investing in those communities and the issues that are important to you in your city and town. And, they’re not having to expend as many resources because we are doing much of that on their behalf.”

AZK9 Rescue operates in and around Peoria. While Arizona Safe Baby Haven Foundation is headquartered in Glendale, its reach extends across the state.

“Arizona Gives Day gives us an opportunity to raise awareness for our cause and what our foundation does and the safe haven baby model, and to expand our outreach for the different campaigns we do around the state,” Executive Director Damien Johnson said. “Our organization is 100-percent volunteer run so every dollar that comes in goes right back into funding the different programs we run.”

More than 715 organizations across the state have registered and been vetted for Arizona Gives Day this year.  Donations are made through’s secure platform.

For interested donors, also is available for year-round giving and offers an advanced search filter to find nonprofits by specific criteria, area of focus and which donations may qualify as an Arizona tax credit. Donors also can create an account to pre-schedule donations or can check out as a guest, set up recurring donations, and make changes to their giving throughout the year.

“We want to make giving as easy as possible, and donors have shared they like having a place that has a whole list of nonprofits to choose from,” Merrifield said.

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