When shopping in Glendale, there are many options, but when it comes to vintage items and low prices, nobody beats Norbert Sebel.

Sebel owns and operates Ozsome Resale (5754 W. Glendale Ave.); Heavenly Vintage (6960 N. 57th Drive); CowPoke (5754 W. Glendale Ave.) and Santa’s Workshop (5757 W. Glendale Ave.) in downtown Glendale. He also owns two locations for Valley Estate Sale Company, 12805 W. Beardsley Road in Sun City, and 10440 N. 83rd Ave. in Peoria. All stores are open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.

He said his main goal and focus is for two things aimed at his customers.

“Our goal is to make sure the customer gets good service and great prices,” Sebel said. “We are very friendly and we focus on that and want everyone to feel welcomed.”

Sebel started with a small shop in downtown Glendale before it got too busy and he needed more space. When Cathy’s Corner owners decided to retire, they offered him that location, where he opened Ozsome Resale and CowPokes.

“I had a small store that just wasn’t big enough and when they retired, they offered me this location,” Sebel said. “Once they offered, I didn’t hesitate and took it.”

CowPokes offers everything from western to southwestern décor, western wear shirts and boots. It also has numerous different items of western furniture. It is adjacent to Ozsome Resale, which features antiques, upper-end home décor along with everything you may need to set up a Christmas display.

“We have had a lot of foot traffic because of our low prices,” Sebel said. “One of the reasons people like us is because we have such low competitive prices. That is important to us here because in this market, people do not have a lot of money, so we keep our prices low.”

When asked why he called the store Ozsome Resale, Sebel had a perfect answer.

“It is spelled with a ‘Z’ because it is more than awesome.”

He also opened up Heavenly Vintage, which focuses on more vintage décor and clothing for men and women.

“We offer gently used furniture as well as a nice collection of ladies and men’s vintage clothing and apparel,” Sebel said. “One of the other great things about this store is we have a ‘Man Cave’ where ladies can drop off their spouses and shop in peace or grab that great unique gift for men.”

Heavenly Vintage has antique furniture and clothing along with a huge selection of antique items in leopard print.

“We have a lot of everything in leopard print,” Sebel said. “Clothing, hats, bags; if you are looking for leopard print, we probably have it.”

Among his first shops was Santa’s Workshop, which Sebel said has “anything you would like to decorate your home in Christmas décor, we have it.”

Sebel said one of the biggest complaints he gets from customers is the fact that they will see something, come back a few days later, and the item is gone.

“When you find something, I would recommend you purchase it because it may not be here when you come back,” Sebel said. “I tell people that with our low prices, if you see something you should buy it because our items move quickly.”

He added that he actually gets upset if something is in his stores for longer than a week.

“We get new stuff every week, but if something is here for longer than a week, I get down,” Sebel said. “We keep our prices low so that customers get a deal, and hopefully, they can find everything they want.”