The Glendale Chamber Military and Veterans Committee Breakfast

Ten active-duty service members were recently honored at a breakfast. 

The Glendale Chamber Military and Veterans Committee held a military appreciation breakfast May 8 to honor 10 local active-duty service members.

The breakfast was developed as a way to honor servicemen and -women who have dedicated their lives to serving the country, while still volunteering numerous hours to their local communities.

Over 150 people celebrated the volunteer efforts of Master Sgts. Lysandra Anderson and Christopher Dodd; Tech Sgts. Dillon Barron, Thomas Carter, Bill Crew and Lone Jennings; Staff Sgt. Andrew Moody; Airman First Class Udom Gonzalez; Capt. Eugene Lee and Senior Airman Dorothy Zurlinden.

“I want to thank everyone who has come to the first celebration breakfast to honor amazing individuals who made a difference in the community,” Mayor Jerry Weiers said. “Every other year we will honor men and women who honor their commitment to helping throughout the community as well as their sacrifice in service.”

The nominees and their accomplishments ranged from volunteering with numerous different organizations to picking up over 2,000 pounds of waste and saving lives while in the public.

“I am reminded of the service and sacrifice that military are called upon to make America safe and strong,” Vice Mayor Joyce Clark said. “Winston Churchill once said you make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give. Today, we gather to recognize these 10 amazing active-duty personnel who are honored for volunteering in our community.”

Clark added, “Military members are called up 24/7. It takes a special person to volunteer. For many, you are away from home, and Arizona and Glendale are your adopted homes. So for you to volunteer in your second home is especially meaningful to us and makes it more significant.”

All 10 individuals were nominated by members of the community who believed they had earned the right to be nominated for going above and beyond the call of active duty.

While the event had not been held in over 20 years and was previously held at Luke Air Force Base, Weiers added that the city is planning to make this a biannual event to honor military members who are vital to the city.

“Our military are an important part of our community. Being part of our city and to have these volunteers do this is exceptional,” Weiers said.