EōS Fitness coming soon

EōS Fitness on 59th Avenue and Loop 101 in Glendale is set to open in October.

EōS Fitness is taking Arizona by storm.

The chain has 25 locations in Arizona, California and Nevada. Ten of them are in Arizona with another nine on the way, including one at 59th Avenue and Loop 101, which is set to open mid- to late October. It will be the second location in Glendale. The other, at 51st and Olive avenues, opened less than two years ago.

“Arizona, especially in the greater Phoenix area, this is one of the fastest growing communities in the country, said Duane Adair, regional vice president of sales and operations for EōS. “People are moving here. People are moving here from California, and a little bit from Nevada, and we have a lot of people actually moving here from the Midwest. We’re finding that we want to make sure that we can service the communities and bring health and fitness to these communities, and do it in our fashion where we can actually offer all the amenities and offer it at a great price.”

The 59th Avenue/Loop 101 EōS is moving into a building that housed an Albertson’s grocery store, which closed about two years ago. Construction on the 24-hour gym began last April.

“We look for opportunities wherever we can find them,” Adair said.

While preliminary plans called for EōS to occupy about 35,000 square feet of the building, Adair said that could change.

“We may actually be taking up more of that and going up to the full 50,000 square feet,” he said.

He said moving into an existing building vs. constructing one from the ground up has upsides and downsides.

“Funny enough, in our experience, we’ve found that starting from the ground up is faster than actually renovating a building,” he said. “There is some cost effectiveness with a second-generation building, but as far as the speed of it, going from the ground up is actually, in our experience here in Arizona, we’ve always found that it’s actually been faster.”

However, he said he’s pleased with the new location’s timeline.

“This has actually been one of our easier ones,” he said. “This one’s actually coming along nicely.”

What sets EōS Fitness apart from other gyms is its price point and amenities, Adair said.

“The cool thing about EōS Fitness is that our amenities competitors charge three times, four times, five times, actually some of our amenities competitors charge 10 times as much as we do,” he said. “Our price competitors, on the other hand, don’t have a lot of the amenities that we actually have. That’s where we find ourselves right there in that middle area. That’s what actually sets us apart, we actually have more amenities than anyone else at our price point or anyone else with our same amenities have a price point that’s significantly higher than us.”

One of the unique amenities EōS offers is a cinema.

“Everyone sometimes enjoys going to the movies and when you go to the movies, at least I’ll speak for myself, you check in with your ticket and the first thing you do is go to the snack bar,” Adair said. “The difference with this is instead of actually going into the movie theater and putting things in my body that aren’t good for me, I’m actually going to go into a movie theater and get on a treadmill, get on a stair climber, get on a bike, and I’ll go in there with my water, maybe an energy drink, maybe a protein bar, and I’m actually going to get a workout in.”

He said the lights are dimmed, which makes people feel like they’re getting their own personal workouts, as if they are the only ones in the theater. He said the movie also distracts them so they don’t feel like they’re working out.

“I don’t really like doing cardio that much, but getting caught up in a movie is something I definitely can do,” Adair said.

EōS plays a different movie every day on repeat.

“It’s a hodgepodge of movies,” he said. “We try to keep it PG13, we try to make sure there’s nothing too violent, that it’s appropriate for everybody.”

EōS also offers a “Kids Club” for children ages 2 months to 12 years. It features a jungle gym, video game systems, a cinema, and recently added a little half-court basketball court. A large TV screen inside the fitness center plays live video of the Kids Club and half of the cardio equipment has TV screens that can be tuned to the Kids Club channel for parents who want to check up on their children while they’re working out.

EōS offers a variety of group exercise classes, with Zumba being among the most popular, Adair said.

“I have to say, out of every class that I’ve ever actually watched people, that class, people enjoy themselves so much,” he said.

EōS also offers a lot of Les Mills classes.

“Les Mills is actually the biggest name known in group fitness classes,” he said. “They’re great because they’ve actually created a standard and a brand within their classes that no matter where you go, you’re going to get a similar class.”

He said when an EōS first opens, it offers a variety of classes and then tailors the schedule based on attendance.

The gym does not require its users to sign one-year or even six-month contracts. Memberships are month to month.

Contrary to what many might think, EōS is not an acronym, but is instead the name of the Greek goddess of dawn.

“EōS was the Greek goddess of new beginnings,” Adair said. “When we started EōS Fitness, that was our opportunity to actually have a new beginning and give everyone a new, fresh beginning with their fitness journey.”

To learn more about EōS Fitness, visit https://eosfitness.com/.