Interim Deputy City Manager Rick St. John

Interim Deputy City Manager Rick St. John was previously Glendale’s police chief.

Former Police Chief Rick St. John has been appointed to serve as Glendale’s interim deputy city manager over public safety.

In his new role, St. John will provide support for the police and fire departments, emergency management services as well as the Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center.

Working closely with the chief of police and the fire chief, St. John will lead the city’s efforts to develop sustainable budgets for public safety, implement strategic planning initiatives and develop policies that protect lives and enhance the safety of the community.

“I am excited for this opportunity to continue to lead our public safety divisions that collectively represent the best men and women in the nation,” St. John said.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to continue to work with a management team and a public safety leadership team that are all focused on serving, assisting and protecting the community that we all love.”

Along with Deputy City Manager Brent Stoddard, St. John is one of two deputy city managers who work closely with City Manager Kevin Phelps on strategies to help city employees deliver results that will improve the lives of the residents they serve.

St. John comes to the city through a contract with Interim Public Management, a firm that places executives in positions where there is a short- or long-term void or to deal with specific issues.

He served as Glendale’s chief of police for three years, retiring earlier this summer. He has a strong track record of working on complex policy and community-based issues in law enforcement.

During his almost 23 years of service with the Glendale Police Department, St. John either oversaw or was involved with every division of the department. He started his career as a patrol officer and was part of Glendale’s first neighborhood response and domestic violence units.

He then became a training officer who taught his colleagues the newest law enforcement techniques and ultimately held senior leadership positions as assistant chief, then chief of police.

“The most critical services in our city are focused around public safety, and Rick St. John will be able to hit the ground running as a strong leader in this key position,” said Phelps, who selected St. John for the position.

“I am confident in Rick’s ability to bring sustainable, innovative ideas and solutions that will improve the community as he oversees Glendale’s comprehensive public safety efforts.”

St. John received a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Arizona State University. He is married and has four children.