Jerry Weires Transportation Policy Committee

Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers has been eleced chairman of the Transportation Policy Committee (TPC).

The Regional Council of the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) has unanimously elected Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers as chairman of the Transportation Policy Committee (TPC). Mayor Kate Gallego of Phoenix will serve as vice chairwoman.

Weiers also serves as the vice chairman of the Regional Council Executive Committee and on the MAG Regional Council.

“Transportation infrastructure remains a key priority to our citizens and business community,” said Weiers, who was previously chairman in 2015. “As the economy continues to grow and businesses move across the Valley, it is absolutely critical that we continue to make responsible transportation decisions that shape the future of our transportation network.”

MAG is a council of governments and metropolitan planning organization founded in 1967. It provides a regional forum for discussion, analysis and resolution of regional issues, including transportation, air quality, economic development and human services. MAG prepares the 20-year, long-range transportation plan and five-year transportation improvement program for the region.

The TPC was established by state law in 2002 to oversee the development of the 20-year regional transportation plan and to guide transportation planning in the region.

“I remain dedicated to fulfilling the transportation commitments that were made to the voters, all of which will improve the quality of life and economic prosperity of our residents,” Weiers said.

The TPC has 22 members representing local elected officials from across the county, including the business community, the Arizona Department of Transportation, Maricopa County, and the Native American Indian communities.

In addition to Weiers and Gallego’s new roles, Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell will preside over the organization as chairman and Mesa Mayor John Giles has been elected treasurer. At-large members include Gallego, Tolleson Mayor Anna Tovar and Avondale Mayor Kenneth Weise. Queen Creek Mayor Gail Barney will serve as the executive committee’s past chairwoman.

The committee provides a unique opportunity for business representatives to have a direct say in developing transportation policy for the region. The TPC is charged with developing regional transportation policy positions and providing oversight for the implementation of Proposition 400.

As he accepted the gavel, Mitchell said a major focus will be on development of the next long-range transportation plan.

“I believe we have a great opportunity, as we move toward a new regional transportation plan, to serve as champions for the extension of Prop 400. The economic benefits of these transportation investments are critical to the future of our region,” Mitchell said.

Other priorities for the year ahead will be to build upon the work of MAG on issues of homelessness, domestic violence and aging.

Officers are elected for one-year terms. Mayor Mitchell will lead the organization for the next year and will preside over the MAG Executive Committee. The Executive Committee serves as MAG’s finance committee and holds many administrative responsibilities, such as amendments to the budget and contract selections.

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