Aldama and Froke

Glendale City Councilmember Jamie Aldama and Planning Director Jon Froke

Glendale Councilmember Jamie Aldama of the Ocotillo district gives viewers a closer look at the city’s General Plan, known as “Envision 2040,” in his new edition of the TV show “Glendale Today.”

Aldama talks to Planning Director Jon Froke about the plan and how it is the blueprint for the future of Glendale’s business and residential development.

Aldama also highlights new development and construction projects under the Glendale Centerline Initiative specific to the Ocotillo district, including the Brelby Theater, the Desert Rose Steakhouse, Total Smiles Dental, Glendale Pediatrics and the Family Dollar store. Viewers also learn how they can help determine Glendale’s planning future and provide input on the General Plan.

The new program began airing Dec. 4. “Glendale Today” is produced by staff from the city-owned TV station Glendale 11.  The show will air daily on Glendale 11 as well as online via the city’s video library at and exclusive segments can be found on the city’s YouTube channel at For more information about the new TV show, visit