Swire Coca-Cola to double Glendale facility

Swire Coca-Cola of Glendale will expand its facility by 160,000 square feet. New parts of the facility are expected to open by early 2020.

Swire Coca-Cola will double its Glendale sales and distribution center to 300,000 square feet by early 2020.

Swire Coca-Cola is spread across 13 western states and has 11 facilities in Arizona with over 2,000 employees.

Since the last expansion in 2016, Swire Coca-Cola of Glendale has provided more than 100 new jobs. With the upcoming expansion, another 50 jobs are anticipated.

This expansion has been in talks since the company purchased the surrounding land in 2016. And in March, it started bottling Monster Energy. Swire Coca-Cola sales center manager Beau Chandler said the new partnership prompted the Glendale expansion.

“Monster is a power brand here in Arizona. It has great market shares, great growth and great strength,” Chandler said.

“We partnered in March with (Monster Energy), which really propelled this project and put everything on hyperspeed to get this done. The sense of urgency became immediate because of the overwhelming need for space now, so that’s where this project became a top priority for the market.”

But Monster Energy isn’t the only thing that’s new to Swire Coca-Cola. In fact, the company is home to products from across the beverage world.

“Any time we have folks come to our warehouse and give a tour, they’re always shocked to see that we’re in these categories,” Chandler said. 

“We carry products like coconut water, aloe water and we’re actually launching a new product called Topo Chico, which is out on the market already. It’s a mineral water imported from Mexico. Consumers are telling us what they want and we’re just trying to meet their needs.”

Swire Coca-Cola of Glendale services a large portion of Arizona, notably from the I-17 west to as far north as Rock Springs. It also services as far as Wickenburg and as west as Buckeye. 

“We’re excited to be a part of the community here on the westside, and most people don’t know we operate here on the westside — this facility is only 12 years old,” Chandler said.

“As we continue to grow, it’s all about meeting consumer demand. The faster we can service our customers and our consumers and offer them the beverages they prefer—that’s really our No. 1 goal.”

With a new partnership with Amazon, however, the Glendale facility is able to service western states, according to Jenifer Jessep, Swire Coca-Cola’s director of public relations and government affairs.

“We’re partnering with Amazon to do direct order fulfillment through Amazon for Coca-Cola products, and Glendale is one of the only a couple facilities that are doing this nationally,” Jessep said. “It’s the first (location) in Arizona and one of the first in our company.”

Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers shared his gratitude for Swire Coca-Cola and its drive to expand business in his city.

“I thought this was the second event I was attending for the growth (at Swire), but this is actually the third time — and I’ve only been mayor for seven years,” Weiers said.

“That’s really incredible when you think about it. The growth here is phenomenal, and I couldn’t be more pleased as mayor to have your growth here and not over in Tempe.

“Swire Coca-Cola of Glendale continues to be a great community provider of quality jobs and quality products to Glendale residents. They’re committed to the communities that they serve.”

While Swire Coca-Cola is just one of many businesses throughout Glendale, Weiers said this expansion is just more good news for the city’s economic growth.

“(The expansion) is one more piece to that monster puzzle,” Weiers said.

“The city (of Glendale) seven years ago was in incredible financial distress — we had more money going out than coming in — and we’ve been able to turn around a lot of that.

“Coca-Cola is a very reputable company, a very desirable company and probably one of the most recognized brandings in the world. The people who run this particular facility have been so overwhelmingly supportive of projects that I do in Glendale that benefit our citizens, our veterans, our hometown Christmas parade and so many more different ways.”

Swire Coca-Cola is known for its community-based events, including veterans’ projects and the Special Olympics. According to Chandler, the company loves to give back.

“We’re very proud of not only our products and our brands, but we’re proud to be a part of the community and give back,” Chandler said.

The building’s expansion will include LED lighting, motion sensors, electric vehicles, charging stations for vehicles, and sun roofs. Chandler said sustainability is huge for Swire Coca-Cola.

“It’s really about having energy efficiency — obviously we want to be as minimal to the environment as possible,” Chandler said. “We are heavy with recycling both at our production facilities and our distribution facilities. We have a 98% recycling rate on everything we touch and produce in our building with a goal of having zero waste.”

Jessep said Swire Coca-Cola goes beyond that. 

“We have hybrid trucks in our fleet. Our sales fleet also includes hybrid vehicles, vending machines that we offer less energy to cool them,” Jessep said. “We don’t just focus on the things we can control internally, but we are also going external with our sustainability efforts.

“We have invested a significant amount of money in working with organizations like the nature conservancy and the forest service foundation on water projects.”