Aldama seeking re-election

Ocotillo District Councilmember Jamie Aldama speaks to chamber members at the Cuff during the First Friday breakfast as he announces his bid for re-election.

Councilmember Jamie Aldama joins two of his colleagues on city council, Barrel District Councilmember Bart Turner and Cholla District Councilmember Lauren Tolmachoff, as he announces his bid for re-election to represent the Ocotillo Council District. He made his announcement Sept. 8, during the Glendale Chamber of Commerce First Friday breakfast event held at the Cuff restaurant.

He told chamber members he would concentrate his efforts on downtown, “make it a priority.”

Aldama said when he announced he was going to run for the office in 2014, he had friends asking him why he would want to do that. He said at the time, the city was in terrible shape. But, he said he wants to continue with his efforts to make Glendale the place to work, play and live.

He praised the council and city staff for all the things they do in Glendale, and he wanted to “get back to doing some heavy lifting.”

During his time on council, Aldama has pressed for more funding to help businesses and residents in his district. He gave a tour of the Ocotillo district in 2016, pointing out different areas that need more attention in the way of aesthetics, especially city-owned rights-of-way.

“One of my goals since being on council is O’Neil Park,” he said. “So, we put in funding for O’Neil. My goal is to have full attention to O’Neil Park to the liking of the community.

“I want to continue to be resourceful and responsive to our residents and make sure they have access to our council and staff.

“One thing, while the city had a lot of work to do last the three years, ahead, we have organizations in our city, Cardinals and Coyotes, I would like to see us create partnerships that benefit our youth and elderly and the entire city.

“My first campaign, I said many times, if I made it, I would help our council re-image what Glendale was into what it is today - a thriving, leading organization.”

Aldama said there was still a lot of work to do, and he wants council to continue working on the budget to keep it financially stable and inclusive. “Not get back to where we were four years ago,” he said, “but I think, collectively, we can do it.”