Glendale alley

An alley near 59th Drive and Orangewood Avenue shows a broken chair, a discarded air conditioning unit and an abandoned shopping cart that could be cleaned up under a new city initiative.

Glendale has a new landscaping contractor who will help clean up the city’s alleys.

Director of Public Works Jack Friedline told the city council, which approved a $392,000 contract that could cost the city $2 million over five years, how Environmental Earthscapes Inc. will make certain city streets and buildings more attractive.

“Most of the contracting in this is broken up between right of way, maintenance, landfill, materials recovery facility, some water and wastewater plants. In addition to this is a quarterly cleanup of the city’s 23-plus miles of alleys,” he said.

Councilmember Jamie Aldama told Friedline, at the Aug. 25 council meeting, that his constituents have requested and will benefit from alleyway cleaning.

“We’ll coordinate it with our sanitation bulk item collection, to ensure there’s a good spread so that we can make an attempt to keep a lot of our alleys clean as possible,” Friedline explained. “We also have the ability from time to time to engage the contractor in special clean ups or clean ups due to illegal dumping in some of those alleys.”

Two years ago, the council authorized a landscape contract for $125,000 annually. The new contract will cost more, but it will also provide landscaping of more land and facilities and include regular cleaning of the city’s alleys.

Five and a half years ago, the council approved spending, “$64,924 for improvements to the alleyway between 57th Drive and 58th Avenue and from Glendale Avenue to Glenn Drive,” according to the meeting minutes.

Six years ago, the city used federal stimulus funding to make improvements to Old Roma Alley.