Council prepares to change to LED lighting

"LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lighting."

Glendale officials continue cut costs as the City Council directed staff to move forward with changing city facilities’ lights to LED.

Cholla District Councilwoman Lauren Tolmachoff asked staff to research the idea. Staff said to develop lighting design standards; determine and evaluate of cost and savings estimates; evaluate performance-based contracts to convert lights at numerous sites and phase in conversion plan. LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lighting.

“Councilwoman Tolmachoff submitted the LED plan to take advantage of energy-efficient opportunities and staff submitted information for energy and light cost efficiency,” said Michelle Wyotenko, field operations director. “We estimate it will take staff 80 hours to develop the plan.”

LEDs will be installed in city facilities to include city buildings, park lighting, parking lots, sports fields, security and area lights, recreation centers, libraries and well sites.

The project will be a joint effort between staff from field operations, public facilities, and the recreation and special events, community services and the waste service departments.

Transitioning streetlights to LED resulted in a $674,000 rebate from APS in January.