Turner for City Council

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Bart Turner is committed in doing the best possible job for the residents of the Barrel District and the city. It’s not easy being a city councilmember. Turner, along with the mayor and other councilmembers, has unselfish dedication of time and effort to serve the citizens of Glendale.

The mayor and city councilmembers listen to constituents, read and study volumes of material, discuss with paid city staff, debate the issues and make an informed decision. Each councilmember, based on his or her background and beliefs, may analyze the issues and information in a different way. The City Council decisions may not always be unanimous, but a decision is made and implemented by city staff. The city government moves forward.

Bart Turner has proven to be attentive to the needs of his district and works with residents to address their city-related issues to the best of his ability. He has worked in concert with other city councilmembers, city staff and residents to address and resolve city-wide issues, such as improving the city financial condition. Bart Turner has been a successful city councilmember for four years and has earned the opportunity to serve the citizens of the Barrel District and the city of Glendale an additional four more years.

Ron Short