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I work to deliver justice

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Knock, knock, who is there? ... Is corruption knocking on your door?  The community wants an impartial judge … when you hear justice…think “Woolbright.”  The corrupt politicians are attempting to mislead you. It appears my opponents are now desperate for votes, so they lie to you voters and others. They beg others to join their campaign, making improper political deals while disrespecting truth and honor. They purchase the media and influence editors. They falsely advertise. They don’t want you to know the truth. They are afraid of honesty because that will hurt their agenda, and most importantly, it will hurt their pocketbook. “We the People” as a community can stop this behavior by voting Woolbright.

They have directly lied to you. Some have committed perjury and lied while under the courts’ oath of truth. For the last seven years, they don’t want you to know that I have tirelessly fought corruption with lawsuits in the Federal District Court (CV-14-01433, CV2014-03853, CV2013-070135, FC2011070163, CV2014-070074) against corrupt politicians and slander. I have also funded my campaign by forcing the corrupt to pay. And, I am just getting started. I have just begun to fight for the community I love.

It appears that corruption follows corruption like puppy dogs following their mommy dog. I have recently watched attorneys and some elected officials desperate for attention or votes join liars. Good ol’ boys, helping good ol’ boys scratching the back of judges and politicians is wrong. However, if you join corruption and stand with liars, then you are either corrupt, uneducated or misled. You better just be misled and innocent because corruption usually gets bit in the behind. If you follow the money, you can usually find corruption.

Recently, a certain set of attorneys/lawyers and a few misled are obviously afraid of me. I certainly don’t care what they think. I don’t care what the uneducated or misled think, either.  Vote out those bureaucratic politicians with corrupt motives and those with a corrupt agenda for money.

I have no problem standing alone with the power of the people standing behind me. “We the People” and “Woolbright Justice” are at the heart of my campaign. A justice of the peace cannot be lazy, power hungry or greedy. Our courts cannot spend money like drunken sailors. As a judge, I cannot sell deals to politicians. I will always remain impartial.

I, Phillip Woolbright, will work hard every day to create a criminal rehabilitation society and to deliver justice. That will promote a mind-set of righteousness, success and change. “We the People”… are the people who I will follow. Those are the people who I will fight for and who fight along with me. “We the People” carry God’s sword of “justice.” Because “We the People” live to make a difference and to make this a better place to live.