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Supporting Phillip Woolbright

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I met the nicest gentleman over the weekend at a local coffee shop. Sometimes, sharing a big table in a small room has advantages. He was in a briefing with another man that ended and I took the opportunity to introduce myself.

We spoke for another 15 minutes and I found out he was a candidate running for justice of the peace, and a neighbor as well. He shared why he was running and what a difference he could make in our community.

He is a difference maker in my book. I liked him and I will vote for him in the primary. Phillip Woolbright is his name, he is a very nice man to get to know, a man of faith, a father to his children, a basketball coach for students in a local league and a man of heart for this community.

We need a change for the better in our justice court, let’s vote in a man with integrity, not one who spreads malicious false accusations when the vindication has been rendered but is being ignored. The truth will set us all free.

Supporting Phillip Woolbright.

Kate Smith