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StoneHaven helps Glendale

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Glendale is on a path to economic recovery and financial stability. StoneHaven is proof of that.

The Glendale Chamber of Commerce, representing nearly 1,200 businesses, supports the proposed development of StoneHaven.

It will bring new residents to businesses at Westgate and beyond. It will also bring additional revenues to the City of Glendale, $49 million, according to an independent study.

Arizona’s largest home builder, Pulte Homes, and iconic John F. Long Properties are proposing to invest $450 million in a project that will bring a new supermarket, new homes, and new retail to southern Glendale.

This project comes at a critical time for Glendale. As businesses such as Conair, Bechtel and others expand, their employees will need places to live and shop.

Glendale is a landlocked community, and opportunities to transform vacant land into a high quality development don’t come every day.

Glendale’s mayor and city council, working with the private sector, have done a fantastic job in putting our city on the path to recovery.

Approving StoneHaven will continue that positive momentum. That’s why the Glendale Chamber of Commerce asked the city council to approve it.

While Glendale has made great strides in the pursuit of economic development, the opportunity to partner with John F. Long and Pulte not only compliments existing strategies but can add greater economic stability to the proposed site and surrounding area.

We believe this project adds to the vibrancy of Glendale by offering both existing and potential new members of the community yet another choice in where to live, work and play.

An investment of this magnitude is a commitment by all parties involved. The potential of this project is positive and presents an opportunity to bring our recovery from good to great.

Robert Heidt

President, CEO

Glendale Chamber of Commerce