There’s one good reason to vote yes on the bonds and overrides put forth by Glendale Union High School District and Deer Valley and Peoria unified school districts: They need the money.

The battle continues for money owed these districts by the state power brokers.

Unless Arizona school districts can provide the courts with evidence they are indeed suffering needlessly, the state will eventually be able to convince the courts it cannot afford to pay the money owed.

And although there is a tentative agreement as of press time to resolve this battle, whatever funds become available will not cover all of the needs that have been ignored for the past few years.

This charade has to end. Voters, school district patrons, and especially those of you who have children or grandchildren in the school systems in this state, pay attention.

While the GOP leaders in Arizona would have you believe that more money does not mean better education, the fact of the matter is, when it comes to attracting high-quality teachers, you need to offer high-quality salaries.

The old saying, “you get what you pay for,” is what you are settling for if you vote against the overrides in Deer Valley and Peoria.

At Glendale Union, a yes vote means newer buses, furniture, computers, technology; and $40 million for capital buildings, classroom buildings, roofs, that need to be fixed, etc. Voters already approved an override in 2014 that is being spent on teacher salaries and classroom supplies. This is a nationally recognized, award-winning district that needs to upgrade and fix its facilities. Give it the nod to keep its national reputation for student excellence.

Strapped districts have no choice but to ask you, the people within their boundaries, to spend less than $4 per month on average to improve the education of your children, your grandchildren or your neighbor’s kids.

The question you must ask yourself is, “Do I really need that extra large cafe mocha?”

Give up that venti latte just one day a month. Instead, give our kids the education they deserve.