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Bloggers, too, should be held accountable

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Have you followed blogs that claim to be attempting to keep the City of Glendale honest?

The one thing I have always adhered to is this: If you want others to be honest, you have to be honest yourself.

There’s a former councilmember who has her own blog. I’ll say her name: Joyce Clark. While I do not always agree with her, I have to give her credit for at least putting her name on her blog. You know who is writing the opinions.

She is not afraid to put her name on it. And she has blasted me for articles I have written. But the difference between her and others who spew their opinions across the web is she is upfront, honest, and puts her name to whatever she writes.

To those other anonymous “guardians” of the City of Glendale, you could take some honest lessons from people like Joyce Clark. If you want people to respect you, own up to your words. Do not hide behind the curtain of the Internet. Try putting your honesty to the real test. Let people know who you really are.

We do it week after week in our newspaper. And, if we make a mistake, we own up to it. We don’t hide it. Our words are there forever. That’s what makes us a community newspaper. We live here, and we work here. Most of all, people know us, not just by the words we write, but by the standards we live by.

Can the so-called “guardians” of Glendale say the same?