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It’s a strange world to those of a certain age

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An aquaintance of mine was complaining last week about how the world has changed so much in his lifetime. He said people are not as polite as they were when he was younger, and there seems to be no pride in one’s manner of dress, nor respect for one another.

To a younger person, he would probably be labeled an old duffer, someone so old he is out of touch with today’s society.  

He opined about how one organization sells blood to people who need it, but it doesn’t pay the people who donate blood.

I tried to explain to him that it takes someone who is licensed and regulated by a government agency to draw the blood, and he said volunteers could do that just as well.

 Then, I had to present a scenario about volunteers, some of whom may decide on a moment’s notice that they don’t feel like traveling to the blood bank on a particular day, so they just don’t show up. Then, what happens? You can’t fire them, because they are not employees.

It is only those regular employees who depend on a paycheck that end up doing the required work. That did not seem to change his opinion, but at least I tried.

The blood bank was not his only complaint, but no matter; he was just not adjusting well to the changes that have taken place in the last 50 years. Besides, I’m a woman, and you know how flighty we can be. Our view of the world is much different.

Yet, we are a patient lot. We have suffered slights since the day we were born. We have tempted fate by paying no attention to the males who have warned us to be careful walking down the street and skiing down the slopes, driving too slowly and causing traffic backups, and driving too fast while backing out of the driveway.

We cry at the drop of a hat, and laugh too loudly at the strangest things. We whimper, bellow, and fret about the smallest crisis, then question all males about their lack of caring.

What has changed in this world that has caused such depression in this one member of the male population? I figured it out. He is now eligible for Medicare.

That would be enough, wouldn’t it? The only thing worse is being forced to change your supplemental insurance policy. Then, being forced to drop your doctor like a hot rock because he does not accept your new insurance coverage.

Let the games begin. Suppose you don’t like your new doctor? Find another one. And, if he’s worse than the last one, who do you call? In the meantime, your prescriptions need to be refilled and there’s no one there to write new ones. What a zoo our government has created. Or, should I say, we, the people, created.  

Therein lies the problem. We wanted something for nothing and now, we have it. Only, it’s in reverse order: nothing for something. For, we are truly paying for whatever we receive from the government, whether it’s  higher taxes, or loss of one freedom or another.

Nothing has really changed, unlike what my acquaintance believes. He can be dismayed by the lack of modesty portrayed by young girls and women these days, but in truth, their parents, like him, should be calling the shots, not the so-called fashion industry.

And respect? Parents also are responsible for teaching their children manners or lack of them.

As for me, the only complaint I have about today’s world is that I may not live long enough to see the changes coming in the next 20 years. I never did like bell bottoms.