Delta Dental of Arizona

Delta Dental of Arizona, headquartered in Glendale, was named BenchmarkPortal’s Top Contact Center Contest. 

Delta Dental of Arizona, the state’s largest dental insurance company, has been recognized in BenchmarkPortal’s Top Contact Center Contest for its customer service. 

The Top Contact Center competition compares contact centers in all industries throughout North America based on size. In the 2020 competition, Delta Dental of Arizona earned the prestigious “Best Annual Agent Retention,” a testament to the company’s dedication to their team members and customers.

Delta Dental of Arizona is headquartered in Glendale, where more than 100 employees normally work. During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 80% of the Delta Dental of Arizona staff worked from home.

“I believe in fostering a supportive team environment where we celebrate each other’s successes and give proactive feedback,” said Jeanette Watte, director of customer service at Delta Dental of Arizona. “We are a tight-knit Arizona-based customer service team. We have a lot of fun and enjoy helping our customers—I think that’s what makes us so effective and productive.”

Monthly potlucks, company outings, award recognitions and ongoing trainings are all part of the culture in Delta Dental of Arizona’s call center. Watte believes the most important principle in running a successful customer service team is to balance the seven P’s: people, priorities, participation, performance, productivity, progression and passion.

In addition to the Best Annual Agent Retention award, Delta Dental of Arizona placed second in the “Highest Ranking: Small-sized Center” category. The dental insurance call center was measured on a variety of efficiency and effectiveness performance indicators, such as average contact handle time, calls per agent per hour, agent turnover, average speed of answer, and customer and agent satisfaction.

“Delta Dental of Arizona’s placement among the Top Contact Centers is a direct result of its leadership’s commitment to balancing cost-effective service solutions with best-in-class service performance,” said Bruce Belfiore, CEO of BenchmarkPortal.

Delta Dental of Arizona also earned BenchmarkPortal’s Center of Excellence distinction for the past five years. Thanks to the dental carrier’s caring and knowledgeable customer service team, 99% of members rate the service they receive from their customer service representative as very good or excellent, according to a survey.