Tanger Outlets Phoenix adding EV charging stations

(File photo)

Tanger Outlets Phoenix will install 12 new Volta charging stations this year.

These stations will provide guests with universal and reliable charging for their electric vehicles. The initiative furthers Tanger’s mission of creating a more community-first experience, while driving measurable results for its environmental impact and sustainability programs.

Tanger Outlets Phoenix’s new, convenient EV charging solutions will be available for shoppers starting mid-July throughout all areas of the lots.

Volta will add two types of stations — 4 DC Fast and 8 Level 2 — to ensure charging access for all. The Volta stations will also provide prime parking spots to allow upfront, parking while providing charging as guests shop the center.

“Tanger Phoenix is continually focused on offering a best-in-class experience,” said Kate Hansen, Tanger Outlets Phoenix’s marketing director.

“By adding amenities such as EV charging stations, we hope to provide even more convenience and value for our shoppers, while minimizing our collective environmental impact.”

Volta and Tanger strive to accelerate the standardization of EV charging nationwide by installing chargers where drivers are.