Business people shaking hands

"GCC works with businesses to carefully craft a program to fit the needs of their employees."

Glendale Community College, part of the Maricopa County Community College District, recently launched a program that provides a pathway to a fully fund college degrees for employees of local businesses.

GCC works with businesses to carefully craft a program to fit the needs of their employees. For instance, at Discover, employees can earn an organizational leadership certificate and an associate’s degree in organizational management from GCC. Discover Financial Services has arranged for professors to hold classes on site during the workday, and funds 100% of the tuition costs.

“At Glendale Community College, we are always looking at new innovative ways to deliver education to our unique and diverse community members,” said Kendra Swenson, business and IT faculty. “We’re adapting to when and how students learn, allowing for a more flexible way for students to achieve success both academically and in the workforce.

Dr. Teresa Leyba Ruiz, president, added, “Glendale Community College is committed to partnering with organizations that expand access to higher education and help more people gain the skills they need to advance in their lives. We’re meeting students where they are, in the workplace, and contributing to the overall success of our community and economy.”

This program expands access to higher education and provides better opportunities to succeed in the workforce.

“There is no way I could go back to school without this program,” said Bryanna Gelner, a 10-year Discover employee. “I have a young son and live far away so juggling work, caring for my child and the drive time to GCC would be impossible. Through this program, I can take classes and study during work hours, plus there is tutoring available right after work from my peers and co-workers, which helps me branch out and connect with people in other departments.”