Fulton Homes School 2020-21

Homebuilder Fulton Homes concluded its School Salute from Home program for the 2020-21 school year. 

With all 33 selected, the local homebuilder is doing a deeper dive into the trends and patterns that were revealed during the school year.

This year’s program was designed to recognize individual musicians in grades 6 to 12 for their renditions of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

To be considered, interested students submitted their rendition to 94.5 KOOL FM virtually. Weekly winners received $250 to aid their education in music. Fulton Homes gave out a total of $8,250 to the winning performances of the 2020-21 school year.

A few different patterns can be seen from the selected winners.

This was the school year of singers for Fulton Homes’ School Salute From Home, with 16 winners performing the national anthem vocally. The other most popular instruments for performances included the trumpet, clarinet and violin. All had three three winners per instrument. Other students’ performances included the trombone, tuba, saxophone, xylophone, viola, guitar, oboe and flute.

While the contest was open to students in grades 6 to 12, the most popular grade levels of winning students were 12th and 10th grade (nine winners). Winners from other grade levels varied this year, and included 11th grade (four winners), ninth grade (five winners) and eighth grade (two winners).

According to Fulton Homes, there were standout schools for the promotion this school year. Mountain Ridge High School in Glendale (six students) and Trevor G. Browne High School in Maryvale (five students) had the highest numbers of winners. Other schools with more than one winning performance included Peoria’s Sunrise Mountain High School (two winners) as well as Sunnyslope High School (two winners) and Alhambra High School (two winners), both in Phoenix.

Per web traffic, the three most viewed performances were:

• Anthony Ruan, 12th grade, Mountain Ridge High School. View his performance at https://bit.ly/3qaNK1v.

• Dylan Auer, 12th grade, Desert Edge High School. View his performance at https://bit.ly/3gMYwGL.

• Ava Wright, eighth grade, Bogle Junior High. View her performance at https://bit.ly/3qaGfY8.