Glen Lakes Golf Course

The proposal to develop the former Glen Lakes Golf Course goes to the Glendale Planning Commission Jan. 16.

The sale and development of a large piece of land is rarely a hole-in-one.

Indeed, planners must be up to par on various sections of the course, with opponents having ample opportunities to cry “bogey!”

Sparing the reader further tortured puns, let’s simply provide an update on the equally tortuous sale/development of the Glen Lakes Golf Course.

The sale of the Glen Lakes Golf Course was approved by Glendale City Council in December. With Councilmen Bart Turner and Jamie Aldama (along with several citizens) opposing the approval, council voted 5-2 approving the $6.5 million sale to Towne Development.

The approval was hardly smooth sailing and included sultry debates over the number of homes and size of a park proposed to surround the residential community. During a break, City Manager Kevin Phelps said he negotiated an agreement to put an 8-acre park in the sales agreement.

This satisfied the majority, but Turner and Aldama raised concerns the development was first pitched at 96 to 110 homes and now grew to 173.

“The neighbors were told to expect between 96 and 110 houses. The conceptual plan was 177 or 172 — that is far more than the neighbors expected,” said Turner. “You see how easily it crept up? 

“If we don’t hold staff and management accountable, why are we here?”

While noting he was not opposed to the project, in theory, Aldama seconded Turner’s thoughts.

“I’m not real fond we told the community we were doing one thing and now we’re doing another thing,” said Aldama.

He also worried it would take months to go to zoning —but was advised it was scheduled.

Indeed, Towne’s proposed development is headed to the city’s planning commission at 5 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 16.

A general plan amendment would allow the developer to build a 173-lot single-family residential community on the 55th and Northern avenues site of the golf course, the city purchased in 1979.

The 42.8 acres would be rezoned as parks and open space with medium density residential if the plan is approved.

Although certainly, the most controversial, the golf course development is far from the only item on the agenda.

The planning commissioners will also hear a rezoning request for the southeast corner of Cardinals Way and Loop 101 in the Yucca District.

Representing Kent Circle Partners, Stephen Earl and Earl Curley are looking to rezone roughly 63 acres there to build a mixed-use development. This project would allow for land uses like multi-family residence, office as well as indoor and outdoor recreation.

John M. Froke is seeking to develop a 27-unit duplex and triplex near the northeast corner of Paradise Lane and 67th Avenue in the Sahuaro District. Froke is making the request on behalf of Ulises Gonzales, representing 6606 West Paradise LLC.

In the Yucca District, Burch & Cracchiolo PA is asking to change a 10-acre site at the northwest corner of 91st Avenue and Zanjero Boulevard from a corporate commerce center to a planned area development for a mixed-use development. 

It is hoping for multifamily residence, child care centers, health clubs, as well as medical and dental offices.

Burch & Cracchiolo is making a similar request for a 39-acre site at the northwest corner of 91st and Glendale avenues. This request asks to change the land from a corporate commerce center to a planned-area development. This proposition would allow for land uses like multifamily residences, restaurants, hotels and coffeehouses.