Nick Rawlins and Dave Susank

From left are WashClub Phoenix partner and COO Nick Rawlins and Dave Susank, founder and president of a company that has expanded to the West Valley.

Washing clothes should be as easy as ordering food and having it delivered. 

That’s the theory behind WashClub, a new program that started in Brooklyn, New York, and expanded to Phoenix on April 15, aptly, National Laundry Day. A month later, it expanded to the West Valley—Avondale, Buckeye, El Mirage, Glendale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Peoria and Tolleson.

“I had the thought, ‘Why is there not a service where I can order someone to come pick up my laundry and deliver it just like Uber Eats or anything along those lines?’” said Nick Rawlins, WashClub Phoenix’s chief operations office. “That’s how we started doing WashClub, and then we decided to bring it to the Valley.

“One of the messages that we are trying to get across is that laundry by nature is a sanitizing process. Everyone does laundry to clean your clothes and get dirt, viruses and grime out of there.”

Rawlins said it was a no-brainer to expand to the West Valley.

“On our website, when folks go and try to use our service, they put in their email and ZIP code. We saw a huge contingent of customers trying to access our services in the West Valley,” Rawlins said. 

“It was pretty simple to us; if there is a huge demand out there, might as well go out there and do it.”

Pricing for WashClub ranges from $1.49 for wash and fold to $15 for a comforter. The laundry is returned to the owner within 24 hours.

WashClub will “do anything that is going to be put into a washer and dryer.” That includes, clothes, towels, comforters, bathmats and anything else along those lines. It does not do dry cleaning, though. The company also does commercial business with gyms and other services around the Valley.

During the pandemic, the operation has not changed for the company, other than providing personal protection equipment to the workers and drivers. 

After Rawlins was introduced to WashClub, he tested it close to home—with his wife.

“My wife was one of my puppet sales,” he said. “She thought it was ridiculous and that we can just do it on our own and it wouldn’t save that much time. We did it once and there’s no going back.

“People are so thankful of the services, not realizing how much time they put in on a Sunday or whenever during the weekend. Sometimes they’re doing laundry all day from washing, drying and then folding, where it takes 5 minutes to order with us.

“We’re trying to give members of Phoenix one less thing to worry about, and laundry is one of the most detesting chores out there that we have to do. If we can remove that, it’s pretty great for what can happen for the quality of life for everyone.”

WashClub wants to expand to Mesa and eventually Valleywide.

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