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"The Jan. 14 meeting provided more details on the development agreement with Mark Anthony Brewing, maker of the uber-trendy White Claw seltzer."

The Joint Chiropractic at Arrowhead Towne Center is celebrating a grand reopening under new ownership, with a fully remodeled clinic at 7369 West Bell Road, in the Arrowhead Palms Shopping Center.

New patients receive their initial visit for $29, which includes the consultation, exam and adjustment.

Congratulations to Glendale Councilman Ray Malnar: He is the city’s new vice mayor, meaning he takes over if the mayor is not available. 

At the Jan. 14 meeting, council unanimously voted Malnar to the position.

The rest of the meeting did not always see such universal agreement. 

Democracy was in full effect when several members of the public expressed their frustrations over the city selling Glen Lakes Golf Course (the “I’m not developed yet!” frequent visitor to Business Briefcase).

Warren Wilfong, who is on the Planning Commission, said he was speaking as a citizen. He insisted a major General Plan amendment is needed for the golf course to be developed by Towne Homes, which agreed to purchase the property for $6.5 million. “We’re changing the rules again,” he said. “The only reason I can think of is because of money.”

He and others didn’t like the idea the city might break up the 42 acres into several parcels, to avoid a major amendment.

Councilwoman Lauren Tolmachoff stated, no matter past practices, if the Glen Lakes development required a major General Plan amendment, then that should be done. 

“Ethics and intergrity matter,” she said. “This is why people don’t trust government.”

Councilman Bart Turner, who attempted to be a speed bump to slow down the development, agreed a major amendment would be done if required. “I’m fustrated,” he said.  

If it can’t be done the right way, it should not be done at all, he said.

Councilwoman Joyce Clark, in her last meeting as vice mayor, didn’t speak directly to Wilfong and noted she did not attend a recent Glen Lakes public meeting.

 “But I heard people were downright disrespectful, rude and nasty,” she said.

•The Glendale Star is still awaiting confirmation as whether or not Towne and the city signed the purchase agreement.

The latest, from Jay Crandall, a city spokesman:

“The paperwork has not been signed. It is going through the process, which involves review by the city attorney as well.”

•The Jan. 14 meeting provided more details on the development agreement with Mark Anthony Brewing, maker of the uber-trendy White Claw seltzer.

Clark praised it as “a momentous project for the city and the West Valley” also acting as a catalyst for further development and job creation. 

Randy Huggins, of the city’s Economic Development department, said the Mark Anthony Brewing facility would cover nearly 1 million square feet.

The new facility, he said, will employ more than 200 with an average wage above $50,000 per year.

More development, more power:

Huggins said the facility at Reems Road and Butler Avenue will  expedite the construction of an APS substation at Reems Road and Olive Avenue. 

What’s the trade-off, for the city giving White Claw a $750,000 pass on fees?

Total direct revenue to the city is expected to reach $5 million over a decade, Huggins said.

Bonus: Mark Anthony Brewing is to fund over $2 million in road improvements.

I’ll drink to that.