Beardsley 101 Investments

A map mailed by Beardsley 101 Investments shows an area in north Glendale that is planned for commercial development.

Money costs money.

Water costs money.

Developments need water.

Developments create money…

It’s a bit of an endless cycle, especially in fast-growing places like Glendale.

In far northern Glendale, a little strip of land “previously thought to be undevelopable” is indeed trying to become a minor commercial hub.

With resources from the city of Glendale, under the philosophy of it takes money to make money.

At its Nov. 12 meeting, Glendale City Council approved “the design and construction of water line and improvements near West Beardsley Road and the State Route 101 freeway (Loop 101).”

The price tag: $1.7 million.

For nearly a decade, this is an area near the northern edges of Glendale the city pondered about developing. According to agenda materials, Glendale in 2011 and 2107 approved developments for; the Crossings at Arrowhead and Arrowhead BMW.

Like most life forms, these developments needed water.

“To support development of this area, a public water line needed to be extended from the east side of the Loop 101 to connect to a water line on the west side of the Loop 101,” according to the agenda material.

 The BMW developer and Beardsley Outer Loop finished constructing the water line and paid their shares, with the city paying the remaining costs.

“Construction of the water line and improved water quality allowed for new development in the Arrowhead BMW and Crossings at Arrowhead PAD areas and provided adequate fire protection,” according to the background material.

And here’s where the money-makes-money idea comes in:

“These developments created new revenue streams for the city and new employment opportunities.”

Sales tax and jobs, is music to the ears of government officials, are part of the pitch of another development wanting to join in the fun up north.

In March, Beardsley 101 Investments sent a “Dear Neighbor” letter out to the neighborhood, explaining a rezoning request for “automotive uses and commercial retail development.”

The letter promised to bring “numerous jobs and much-needed tax-generating retail services to a site previously thought to be undevelopable.”

The letter explained new auto dealerships would be built near Arrowhead BMW, plus other unspecified businesses.

In April, shortly after the letter went out, the Glendale Planning Commission approved Beardsley 101 Investments’ request for a rezoning of 9 acres.

”The proposed Beardsley & Loop 101 Commercial & Retail Development would allow for new and used automotive sales, commercial and retail land uses,” said agenda material.

On Jan. 28, Beardsley 101 Investments will be back before Glendale City Council, for a “resolution and development agreement.”

More water — and more money — needed a few miles south.

Those who drive Camelback Road know all about a big construction project.

In November 2018, Glendale approved a $2.3 million reconstruction of Camelback Road between 43rd and 51st Avenues.

According to Nov. 12 agenda material, “After the project was awarded by council, it was recognized the existing water line within the project area was nearing the end of its useful life. Therefore, the city will achieve an economy of scale, minimize the impact to the public, maintain water quality, and improve fire protection services by replacing the water line during the road reconstruction project.”

So, on Nov. 12, Glendale City Council approved a $1.7 million water line installation as part of the Camelback Road reconstruction. 

More money, more water ...