Stephanie Hendrick

With Meant for More, Stephanie Hendrick aims to help women in business find life balance and break through “the glass ceiling.”

As a busy mom, wife and businesswoman, Stephanie Hendrick knows what it is like to have one day blend into the next.

Between taking care of her two daughters and working with her husband to grow their business, Hendrick realized that her life had become an endless to-do list and a constant struggle to find balance — often at the expense of her own joy and dreams.

These experiences, along with a desire to help other working moms and women entrepreneurs to live more fulfilling lives and become more successful in their work, inspired Hendrick to launch her own business, Meant for More LLC, about a year ago.

“Meant for More is a platform primarily of speaking, writing and coaching to reach the female entrepreneurs and working moms,” said Hendrick, who resides in Peoria with her family.

“I know their journeys firsthand as well as the struggle of balancing everything. I’m here to tap them on the shoulder and show them how to break through the glass ceiling they’ve been staring at.”

As Hendrick explained, this glass ceiling represents barriers that women face in business. 

From her own personal experience as a businesswoman who is busy with a family, Hendrick said she knows that other women may need someone who can guide them and show them how to manage aspects of their day.

This can include improving their time management, putting systems into place, learning how to narrow their market into a niche and knowing how to tell a story to capture their audience.

“Meant for More isn’t about me; it’s about the women who are walking the same path,” Hendrick said.

“It’s a platform for those that feel isolated or stuck but are driven by passion to take their business to the next level. I’m merely a guide on their journey to help them get their faster and to educate them on some of the toughest topics in business.”

By launching Meant for More, Hendrick said she also wanted to show her own daughters, ages 7 and 10, the importance of following their own passions in life.

“Our kids don’t learn by what we tell them; they learn and model after what they see their parents do,” Hendrick said.

“As a woman, I knew my girls needed to see their mom chase her purpose and dream if I wanted the same thing for them someday.”

In addition to her business coaching and speaking engagements, the Meant for More website offers a number of tools that women can use, including a free morning routine workbook and a blog filled with inspiring articles.

In early November, Hendrick spoke to members of the Peoria Chamber of Commerce at a “Women 4 Women” event. Her talk focused on the use of stories in branding, including how to capture the audience’s attention and drive business.

“Branding is typically a lot of noise, but stories are where we stop and listen,” she said.

Since founding Meant for More, Hendrick has been pleased to see women from all over the country follow her website and join her email list.

While Hendrick said her niche market is the female entrepreneur, her talks are applicable to both men and women, because they cover productivity, niche marketing and implementing story into brand messaging.

“My coaching, writing and speaking is nationwide, and I love the opportunity to be invited into corporations, associations and small businesses for speaking engagements,” she said.

Hendrick said she especially enjoys watching women break through the barriers and realize what they can do—often surprising themselves in the process.

“We all have such incredible potential, but until our mindset aligns with what we know our next steps to be we’ll continue to tread water,” she said.

“When you give a message that resonates and inspires someone into action there’s so much reward in that.”

For more information about Meant for More and/or contact Hendrick, visit or email her at