Stardust Building Supplies

Items in the Glendale warehouse of Stardust that could have ended up on landfill.

At Stardust Building Supplies, improving the quality of life in Arizona and creating a more sustainable tomorrow is the ultimate goal. 

The nonprofit organization works to divert waste from landfills by salvaging new and gently-used materials from residential and commercial renovations and offering them to the community at affordable prices. 

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, over 500 million tons of construction materials went to waste in landfills across the country in 2015 — much of which was in usable conditions. 

Since its inception in 1997, Stardust, which is located in Glendale at 5150 W. Northern Avenue, diverted 80 million pounds of usable materials from landfills. From doors and windows, to appliances and furniture, both of the reuse centers offer materials at 50 to 80% off retail prices. 

Karen Jayne, the chief executive officer of Stardust, emphasizes Stardust’s “deconstruction” program, especially when remodeling.

“It’s really simple for the homeowner. Our team comes in, removes all of the reusable material and leaves the space broom clean. The homeowner donates the material and it comes to one of the reuse centers,” Jayne explained.  

“It’s a great way to support the community by making usable building materials accessible to others. It also helps landlords keep their rent down. They can come to us when they need to repair or replace cabinetry or appliances, and they can do it at a reasonable cost,” she added. 

Stardust provides its deconstruction services for $200, Jayne said. “We didn’t want the fee to be excessive for people because we really want them to think about deconstruction as a viable alternative to demolition.”

According to the CEO, Stardust funds Gifts in Kind, a program out of the Glendale warehouse that collects and distributes usable material to nonprofit organizations throughout Maricopa County. 

“When people deconstruct with us, the proceeds from the materials they give us support this program, which gives back to the community. We get donations from retailers and the retailer doesn’t want us to sell the items,” Jayne said. 

“Nonprofit agencies can come, shop and take whatever they need to help their clients or to use in their organization — at no cost to them.” 

And for those not ready for a full-scale deconstruction, Stardust also has pickup services for donations. 

For $25, Stardust picks up material anywhere in Maricopa County, including lighting, electrical, and plumbing fixtures, furniture and flooring. Stardust does not accept custom, built-in cabinetry, or mobile home cabinets, and items cannot have mold or water damage.. 

To learn more about Stardust Building Supplies, Gifts in Kind and retail and donation hours, visit