Happy millennial couple get keys to new house from realtor

Formerly of West USA in Peoria, real estate agent Rebecca Durfey joined Keller Williams Realty in Glendale. 

The $50 million in volume producer strives to give her clients an “exceptional experience” when they are buying and selling. 

Durfey spent 20 years with West USA and has kind words for her former brokerage. 

“They always let me do my own thing, and that’s worked well for a long time,” Durfey said. “I’ve never felt it necessary to make a switch until I realized I’ve accomplished as much as I can at West USA, and I needed to finally embrace Keller Williams’ offerings to help me grow and serve my clients even better.”

When Durfey started in real estate 20 years ago, she thought she’d be doing well if she could close five deals a year. In 2020, she closed more than 100 — all as a single agent with one licensed assistant, Sherri Dastrup.

Through the years, Durfey has taken a deep dive into the Keller Williams by forming relationships with KW agents and leaders, following executive chairman of the board Gary Keller’s communications and teachings, reading Keller’s books and attending several of the company’s events. 

Now, she is taking the natural next step for her career, with her clients’ best interests at heart.

“This move is not about the dollar. It’s not about production or numbers. For me, this is about partnering with a company that can help me continue to exceed my clients’ expectations,” Durfey said.

Now that she’s made the transition to Keller Williams, her goal is to build upon her business by implementing the proven technology solutions, systems and processes. 

“Because I’m Type A and motivated by efficiency, I’m anticipating a more streamlined, high-performance operation,” Durfey said.

With the support she will get from Keller Williams, she hopes to increase her bandwidth by adding new team members and reaching the next level of success, which she always measures through the lens of client satisfaction. 

“I already know how to buy and sell a home. What I love is this idea of personal growth and education and a better understanding of the business side of things: creating a team of proficient people,” Durfey added.