Former police is insurance guy now

David Luna is a former Glendale police officer turned insurance specialist. 

By Glendale Star staff

David Luna, a police officer-turned-insurance specialist, has deep roots in Glendale.

After graduating from Glendale High School in 1981, he married his high school sweetheart Jeanne Yanez in 1988. 

After a stint in the U.S. Marines, he spent a dozen years as a Glendale Police Officer, many as a detective working undercover and as a sergeant. He also became a father to three boys – Emilio, Dominic and Davy – in Glendale.  

“Being a father has been my greatest joy in life,” Luna said.

Tragedy would strike the Luna  family, however, in 2002 when Davy would pass away at 5 years old due to a rare form of meningitis he contracted from ingesting poor tap water just days prior. Grief stricken, the family banded together and worked to heal as best they could. Together with the family of Zachary Stalls, another young child who also contracted the illness from the infected water, they held a golf tournament for over a decade to raise funds for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital in the kids’ names.  

“Over the course of several years, we donated more than $300,000 through the tournament, doing some good where we could for other children,” said Luna. 

In 2000, Luna retired from the police department and transitioned into selling insurance himself as a licensed agent, eventually specializing in Medicare plans.  

“While it may not sound as exciting as working undercover, I found it especially rewarding from the onset,” Luna said. “That’s because Medicare – the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older – does so much good, but figuring out how to navigate the options can sometimes be unnecessarily complicated.”  

Medicare in Arizona can be so complicated, in fact, that despite COVID-19, Luna—with partners Michael Scopa and Oded Eran—decided to make a big move to help seniors in the area.  

“Together, we launched Connie Health, a customized, personal service combining Medicare expertise and local licensed agents with data-driven insights to help individuals make confident and informed decisions about their Medicare options,” he said.

“By combining our health care expertise with technology-powered tools, personalized local guidance and support, Connie Health’s advisers will work with our communities’ Medicare beneficiaries to ensure they make confident, worry-free decisions around Medicare plans and coverage.” 

In addition to providing individuals with guidance on finding the right Medicare coverage for their personal needs, via phone, video or in-person with proper PPE and social distancing, Luna and his team at Connie Health also offer ongoing support in navigating a range of health care choices. This service helps consumers get the most out of their plan, whether that’s optimizing prescription costs, taking advantage of benefits or finding providers in their area.  

The service is provided at no cost to consumers. 

“The only thing I am prouder of than this business right now is my family,” says Luna. “Dominic is working in telehealth, and Emilio is actually a police officer and happily married to my wonderful daughter-in-law Vanessa, who is currently in nursing school at ASU,” said Luna, noting Jeanne is also in insurance, making caring for people the family business. 

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