Glendale Elementary School District

Glendale Elementary School District continues remote teaching, as it delayed the planned Sept. 8 reopening of its 17 schools.

Even though students have not been in classrooms, Glendale Elementary School District has been providing multiple services—in addition to remote teaching for more than 10,000 students.

• Meal services have been provided at 17 GESD schools and 15 community locations.

• Since March, 621,700 meals have been served to GESD students.

• Families have received 1,100 food boxes.

• GESD students have made 9 million internet connections.

• GESD has had 37,769 meetings.

According to Cindy Segotta-Jones, the district superintendent, “GESD has delayed its Sept. 8 return week.”

GESD will review state and county data and plan another reopening date soon, she added.

In an Aug. 21 letter to GESD families, she noted, “The school reopening metrics indicate that we are still in a high level of spread in the GESD boundaries, which includes the 85301, 85302 and 85303 ZIP codes.”

GESD’s website,, outlines two options for families once classrooms are clear to reopen:


In-person instruction

• Five days of instruction per week.

• Reduced hours.

• Students will report directly to classrooms when they arrive at school.

• Cohorts of students stay together where possible throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, recess, related arts and dismissal.

• Restricted common area use.

• Structured transitions.

• In classroom celebrations and virtual trips.

• Large events, such as Meet-the-Teacher-Night, may take place virtually or may be scheduled over a period of time to limit the size of the gathering.

• Maximum space between desks, facing the same direction, when possible to allow for social distancing.

• Students will be provided school supplies to limit and discourage sharing of supplies among students.

• Parent drop-off and pickup area, drivers stay in cars at all times.

• Parent appointments made through the office in advance.

• Nonessential visitors and volunteers will be restricted and not assigned in classrooms.

• May choose to assemble and celebrate students in small groupings.

• In classroom celebrations and virtual.

• Athletic and extracurricular activities will be postponed.

• Written and digital collaboration encouraged, limited verbal collaboration.

• Teachers move instead of students, between classes. Students would remain in cohorts—staying with the same group of students all day as much as possible. Related arts teachers travel to classrooms (except physical education—may move outside).


Online instruction

• Five days of instruction per week.

• District technology devices available if needed.

• Daily teacher led instruction in whole and small groups.

• Course content will cover: English language arts, math, science, social science and related arts.

• Individualized supports and accommodations will be provided for all student populations as appropriate.

• Virtual celebrations and field trips.

• Families who choose online instruction must commit and complete by the quarter or semester.

• State assessments are proctored on campus.

• Students will be engaged in virtual activities.

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