Danny G

Jehovah’s Witnesses are distributing a special edition of The Watchtower magazine containing the cover series “A Better World is Near.”

Glendale is one of the thousands of communities around the globe that will receive a powerful message of hope this November as Jehovah’s Witnesses embark upon a special campaign focusing attention on the Bible’s hope for a better world.

The campaign’s goal is to distribute a special edition of The Watchtower magazine containing the cover series “A Better World is Near.” More than 36 million printed copies of the magazine are expected to be distributed in 230 languages to communities in 240 lands around the globe. In addition, the digital publication is available on various platforms in nearly 400 languages.

“People are longing to hear a positive message, and this is the best news possible,” said Robert Hendriks, U.S. spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses. “A better world is not just a dream — it’s inevitable. In fact, it is the central theme of the entire Bible.”

The magazine addresses the age-old “doomsday” question “Is this world going to end?” with a comforting answer that may surprise many readers. While many religions have predicted the “end of the world,” the magazine reveals the Bible’s clear message: The earth is here forever and will never end. However, the magazine also explains the powerful truth that wickedness will soon be gone, quoting the Bible book of Psalms where it promises that the “lawless one” will be no more (Psalm 37:10, Rotherham translation).

This positive message has been the hope of millions around the world who have prayed for “God’s Kingdom to come,” a familiar refrain of many Christians taught by Jesus in what some refer to as the Lord’s Prayer.

Danny Granger of Phoenix grew up hearing that message from the Bible but chose to focus on a different life. “It wasn’t that I was opposed to it. I just thought that I knew better.”

An athlete standing 6 feet 9 inches, with a 7-foot-2-inch wingspan, Granger said basketball “pursued me.” It pursued him through high school, college and the first round of the NBA draft. Sadly, a 10-year career as a professional basketball player did not bring him satisfaction. “I achieved all those things. I made it all way to the mountain top, and the mountain just started getting bigger and bigger. Society tells us that would do it, that’s going to make you happy. And I found out that was not the case.”

The pressure that came with his career was part of the reason Granger wasn’t satisfied. Granger said he sought help to quiet his “mind because of the anxiety and the stress.” Injustice was another source of discontent. “It was very difficult to reconcile some of the things that I saw going on in the world. I just kind of numbed myself to it and accepted that this is the world, and I guess it’s good for some people and then it’s just terrible for other people.”

Granger has been able to find real comfort in the Bible’s message. “The Bible teaches us of a hope for the future where all injustice will be corrected. God promises to undo the things that have caused so much harm and anxiety.” 

That hope motivated Granger to leave his career in the NBA and focus on sharing the Bible’s message with others. “I know how bad my life was before. When you see the changes you’ve made, you have this overwhelming desire to help others learn.” Granger now spends most of his time sharing his hope with others.

The Watchtower has been carrying a similar message about God’s Kingdom for more than 100 years and remains the most widely translated and circulated magazine in the world. The 2021 No. 2 edition is available free online at jw.org, where anyone can also request a free printed copy by scrolling down on the homepage to “Request A Visit.”