Wildlife World zoo

Baby Jackie recently joined the family at Wildlife World.

Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park welcomed a newborn reticulated giraffe to its family March 7.

 Baby Jackie brought the total number of baby giraffes at Wildlife World to three. At just a few weeks old, this precious calf is already standing over 6 feet tall.

Wildlife World temporarily closed to the public March 31.

“We are excited to share updates of Baby Jackie through our social media platforms, so families can still be inspired and involved from the safety of their homes,” said Kristy Morcom, the Litchfield Park zoo’s director of media relations.

In the wild, the giraffe population is under a lot of pressure. This is largely due to habitat loss, fragmentation, degradation, poaching and the growth of the human population. 

Giraffes are declared “Vulnerable to Extinction” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

According to Morcom, in  joining in the fight to save the giraffe population from extinction, Wildlife World has not only donated to worthy organizations working to preserve these gentle giants but has also raised 12 giraffes in the last 18 years.

Mickey Olson, founder of the Wildlife World Zoo, believes the success of the zoo’s internationally recognized giraffe breeding program is due to the expertise and dedication from its management, keepers, veterinary team and Arizona’s ideal climate conditions, which are similar to the savannas throughout Africa.

Wildlife World’s keepers and veterinarians have raised dozens of species of wild and endangered animals over the past 25 years. Wildlife World strives to maximize genetic diversity in the zoological population with its breeding programs. 

No tax dollars have ever been spent to build or operate Wildlife World in its 33-year history.

Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park is at 16501 W. Northern Avenue, Litchfield Park 

While the zoo is closed, the animals will continue to receive the exceptional care they are accustomed to by essential employees. 

To follow Baby Jackie and others, visit wildlifeworld.com, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @zoowildlife.