Ashley Wineland

Glendale country music singer Ashley Wineland has an online Christmas concert Friday, Dec. 18.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a busy year for Glendale rising star Ashley Wineland.

The country singer released an album, sang at the recent NASCAR Championship Weekend at Phoenix Raceway and is participating in a Christmas concert.

At 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 18, Wineland will sing at a Christmas show sponsored by Wide Open Country, streaming at

Wineland, 22, is juggling her budding music career with being a student at ASU.

"I'm Gonna Ride" is her third album. Her 650,000 followers on Facebook eagerly await its 2021 release.

Finding her voice at a young age, Wineland outlined the experience of navigating through Deer Valley High School while pursuing a career in country music. 

“In high school, I don’t think too many people realized exactly what I did. Those who had an idea thought it was cool that I was working my career path already,” she said.

“When I started songwriting and beginning my career in middle school, I was definitely made fun of. It was quite a blow and really hard to go through at the time. As the years went on, though, those that made fun of me saw that I was serious and had a lot of great things happening for me, and now they’re the ones who compliment me on my work,” said Wineland. 

She started her music career not as a singer but a trumpet player in middle school.

“I became more interested in pursuing voice, and I joined choir and had opportunities just come up throughout the years where I got to do performances and shows,” said Wineland. 

Even without touring, her career is challenging.

“There’s definitely times where things are really crazy. There’s just a lot going on, and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed,” she said. “Especially over these last couple months with producing new music and making music videos and having school and then trying to balance personal relationships.”

She stressed the importance of school, where she is a senior studying film and media.

“If singing doesn’t work out, I know that I still want to be involved in entertainment in some way shape or form,” said Wineland.

“In the future my goals are to really expand that and to be able to do bigger shows at get to reach more people. … I would love to have more opportunities come up where we can go overseas and hang out those fans … and eventually move on over to where we can reach a global audience,” said Wineland. “In the next year I greatly hope that the world opens back up again and we’re able to get out on the road, play shows and get face to face with people again. I’d love to book another national tour in 2021.”