David Lastinger

David Lastinger recently released his second book, “The Blow-Off Letter and Other Fabulous Tales”.

David Lastinger recently released his second book, “The Blow-Off Letter and Other Fabulous Tales,” and he’ll promote it with a book-signing party at Small Town Coffee House, 19420 N. 59th Avenue, Suite D415, in Glendale.

Patrons are asked to bring copies of his book to the coffeehouse from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 1. They are available on Amazon.

In the book, Lastinger discusses the possibility of a “do-over button” for life through a series of short stories: getting revenge on a bad breakup, being proposed to in a treehouse or discovering you can communicate with rescued animals. While life often lets us down, Lastinger’s short stories all have a happy ending.

“A lot of the stories come from my every day, walking around doing things and writing about things that have happened to me,” Lastinger said. 

“Some of them have been picked from a journal that I’ve been writing in for 20 or 25 years. (I) go through the journal and think, ‘Hey, that’s the beginning of a good story that I can put in the book.’”

Once he decided to write the book, Lastinger took six months to finish it. He said about 75% of the stories came from his journal and were already ready to go.

While journaling was just a hobby, Lastinger said he has always wanted to be an author, and even though it has turned out differently than he expected, he is still glad to do it.

“Right now, it’s a tough way to make a living,” Lastinger said. “Being an author is not like the Hallmark movies where you write it up, give it to your editor and they love it, and then a week later you’re a bestseller. It just doesn’t work that way. Maybe one day (a publishing company) will pick me up and make me a bestseller, but until then my goal is to make someone laugh and enjoy a story.”

More than just making people laugh, Lastinger’s first book was a how-to guide for people leaving home, titled “How to Do Things Your Phone Won’t.”

“That one is directed at people who are looking to get out on their own but haven’t learned some of the daily things from their parents or school, like how to change a tire, keeping your eye out for stranger danger, how to set up your first kitchen, that kind of stuff,” Lastinger said.

Lastinger said his first book was successful, so his friends encouraged him to write his short story book. Now, Lastinger is planning a follow-up and is considering a series. 

Lastinger chose Small Town Coffee House because he is a frequent customer. Plus, he wanted to host a book signing at a small, local spot. 

At the book signing, patrons can come in throughout the day, whenever they have time. While the event is free, attendees are encouraged to get a coffee or treats to support the local coffee shop.