Amerisleep’s mattresses

Amerisleep’s mattresses, like those available in the Arrowhead showroom, are American made with cutting-edge design and materials.

Issues related to sleep are nothing new. A study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that more than a third of adults don’t regularly get enough sleep. Lack of shut-eye was already a problem before the pandemic, but when COVID-19 swept the nation, so did “coronasomnia.” 

“‘Coronasomnia’ is basically defined as an increase in problems sleeping during the pandemic, as well as symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress,” said Joey Holt, Amerisleep co-founder and chief operating officer. “We witnessed it firsthand at all of our Arizona locations with a majority of customers coming in and complaining that they just couldn’t fall asleep.” 

Financial stress, emotional stress, distance from others, unpredictability and professional concerns were just a few of the pressing thoughts keeping them up at night. And they weren’t alone. The National Library of Medicine found the impact of COVID-19 left 4 in 10 people reporting sleep-related issues. 

“With vaccinations and life somewhat returning to normal, pandemic concerns aren’t as prevalent as a year ago, but as the virus morphs and different variants are reported in the news, I continue to hear from today’s customers that ‘coronasomnia’ is still a problem,” said Albert Snow, Amerisleep certified sleep science coach at Glendale’s Arrowhead Towne Center showroom. 

Luckily, before the pandemic was even a problem, Amerisleep launched in 2010 with the goal of making better sleep products more accessible. Between high prices and intentionally misleading marketing, traditional mattress brands took advantage of unaware consumers. Amerisleep provides education and quality so customers can get the sleep they need at a price that makes sense.  

“We recognized that there was growing demand for sleep solutions that were more sustainable and eco-friendlier, too, so we designed a proprietary plant-based foam called Bio-Pur, and we were among the first businesses to vacuum-seal memory foam mattresses into a box for easy delivery and handling,” Holt said. 

Amerisleep’s certified sleep science coaches take the mattress company’s customer experience to the next level. Whether shopping in person or on a virtual call, coaches go above and beyond to educate people who are struggling. 

“Our staff members are able to provide holistic recommendations for shoppers to get the best sleep possible,” Holt said. “Between understanding chronic ailments and external stimuli, our coaches know what most people can do to sleep smarter by making little but lasting changes to their lifestyle, bedroom and sleeping habits.”

Poor bedtime habits include reading news on a phone, turning a bedroom into an office, and not attempting to fall asleep at the same time each evening. 

“I tell customers I work with to factor in your sleeping position, persistent pain issues, lifestyle habits and body type,” Snow said. “Often, you should think about budget last, because the right mattress is worth the investment, since it should deliver more than a decade of quality sleep.”

Amerisleep’s mattresses are American made with cutting-edge design and materials. The AS3 is Amerisleep’s best-selling mattress due to its medium feel, but the Comfort Classic pillow is a popular accessory.

“We’re happiest being able to simplify the traditionally overcomplicated mattress buying process so that we can pair each consumer with the perfect bed for their needs,” Holt said. “While other brands try to upsell shoppers on the most expensive models, we, instead, focus on making sure you get the right bed.”