According to a report published by the CDC in 2020, 34.2 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes and another 88 million with prediabetes. 

In Arizona, statistics show that roughly 806,000 individuals live with diabetes. 

As November is American Diabetes Awareness Month, Valleywise Health is ramping up its education and prevention efforts in the West Valley. 

To encourage healthy eating and battle food insecurity, Valleywise Health partnered with the Arizona Women’s Board and St. Mary’s Food Bank to launch a Food Pharmacy Program at Valleywise Community Health Center.

Valleywise Health Foundation has received two grants totaling $150,000 from the Arizona Women’s Board to implement the food pharmacy pilot program, which allows 160 patients diagnosed with uncontrolled diabetes access to healthy food staples like fresh produce, proteins and whole wheat grains. The patients can visit the two participating locations twice a month for six months to choose the food they would like. 

In addition to the pilot program, Valleywise Health offers diabetes care and education programming at all 12 of its community health centers around the Valley along with its main medical center. 

The food pharmacy program has capacity for more patients. For more information, visit