Randy Mitchell Halloween Display Glendale

Randy Mitchell spent much of September setting up a Halloween display in his yard at 5619 W. Mercer Lane, Glendale.

Driving by this place near Glendale Community College, you might think someone opened a mini-Disneyland.

Or maybe it’s Tim Burton’s winter home?

No, just Randy Mitchell having some October fun.

His yard at 5619 W. Mercer Lane looks like a Hollywood set. A skeleton skipper steers a ghost ship.

One skeletal dog has chased a skeleton man up a tree, another bony dog lifts its leg for a fire hydrant (courtesy of the city of Glendale).

There’s a skeleton Batman and fishing, lounging and waving at passers by.

For disco fans, four skeletons front and center are doing the YMCA.

“A few years ago, my wife and I realized Halloween is getting pretty dark and morbid, which is fine for older kids and adults, but we didn’t feel little trick-or-treaters need to be subjected to gore and horror,” said Mitchell, a security professional.

“So we decided to do something fun, friendly and interesting. The kids and parents seem to appreciate it.”

He turns the lighted display on around 6 p.m. and leaves the lights on all night.

Mitchell estimates he spent 80 hours over four weeks setting the display. 

“I have ‘fan favorites’ I put back up, but mostly I try to change the diorama into different scenes each year,” he said.

Mitchell gets a kick out of kids laughing and adults snapping photos of his Halloween creation.

“There is a school bus that drives our street as a normal route, and this time of year (the driver) stops the bus by our yard so the kids can see the yard,” he said.

“This week our garbage truck driver even stopped to get pictures.”