Evil Dead Play

Left to right: Cameron Bloom, Karla Benitez Orellana, Ben Cleaveland and Issie Ocampo star in a bloody comedy.

This show is a bloody mess.

But only literally.

Though “Evil Dead: The Musical” is  disgustingly, repulsively horrendous and sloppy, it’s also pretty well done, by Brelby Theatre.

This is a low-budget production of a very big-idea play: Make a campy musical out of the Sam Raimi “Evil Dead” movie franchise.

This show is not for you, if you like your shows to be clean, both in language and general tidiness. 

But if you have a twisted sense of humor and don’t mind a show that is foul of tongue and filthy of spirit, this show is for you.

Actually, for a plot that involves multiple dismemberments, stabbings, gunshots and zombie-demons, the Brelby production of George Reinblatt’s show is rather cheerful. The cast tackles this wickedly outrageous show with gusto.

You might say the energy is as infectious as a zombie bite.

The plot: Ash leads a group of college kids on spring break to a deserted cabin. There, they — stop me if you’ve heard this one before — unwittingly unleash a band of demons.

Some of the songs are croakers (so to speak), and Frankenstein probably could keep up with the entry-level dance steps. But, fortunately, this is all played for laughs.

Director Brian Matricic does frame some intricate fight choreography that the cast nails. Indeed, especially in the second half when things are really ripping, there are few if any shows that can match the kinetic, hectic, chaotic, even imbecilic pace.

Cameron Bloom brings the right corny cool as Ash. He could probably take a few eyebrow-raised beats before delivering some of Ash’s signature lines (“Who’s laughing now?!”). Then again, kudos to Bloom for even being able to talk and sing, considering all the beatings he gives and takes.

And he sensationally pulls off Ash’ epic battle with his possessed right hand.

Karla Benitez Orellana (Linda), Issie Ocampo (Cheryl), Ben Cleaveland (Scott), Kevin Fenderson (Ed), Jaraliese Albeza (Annie), Clayton Caufman (Jake) and Sarah Bary (Shelly) are the supporting cast. They delight in squirting fake blood out into the audience.

Wear white at your own risk.