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Mayor’s Business of the Week: Mark’s Bolts Nuts Surplus

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Mark's Bolts Nuts Surplus

Sometimes a guy just needs 72 bolts for a handyman project. Not 50 bolts. Not 100 bolts. Just 72 bolts.

Going to a big box retailer for such a particular need might force a guy to buy a pre-packaged set of bolts that doesn’t add up to 72. So he winds up having to buy a lot more than he actually needs.

That’s enough to drive a penny pinching type of guy nuts.

That is, unless he discovers there’s a business here in Glendale, where a guy can buy exactly the type of fastener that he needs in a commercial grade in exactly the quantity he needs.

Mark’s Bolts Nuts Surplus, 6710 W. Belmont Ave., has been stocking shelf after shelf, row after row of commercial grade fasteners for 25 years, and when you walk into the store, that’s probably who you’re going to meet—Mark. Owner Mark Corby does the ordering, purchasing, stocking, inventory, selling, measuring, tallying and helping.

He and his wife, Joni, and a few employees can help a guy find any fasteners in any format, including: U.S. Standard, metric, stainless, concrete and block, and tamper-proof - and the tools to go along with them.

“The biggest difference is we’re not computerized. I do the purchasing and I’m not looking at a computer telling me what to buy,” Corby said. “People walk in here and are amazed at the diversity of what we have. There’s a big difference between commercial and retail grade.”

Even though some of Mark’s big clients are auto body stores, manufacturers, and framing companies, he takes great pride in offering his products to the general public, as well.

If you want one screw, you can buy one screw. If you want 512, we’ll sell you exactly that,” Corby said.

Some items in the store are sold at individual prices and some are sold by weight, allowing customers to buy handfuls of nails, screws and the like.

“When I walked into this place, I was like a kid in a candy store,” Mayor Jerry P. Weiers said. “I like to tinker with things, so this is a store that makes me feel right at home.”

Weiers presented Mark and Joni Corby with the Mayor’s Business of the Week in appreciation for setting up shop in Glendale all these years.

Mark’s Bolts Nuts Surplus has been in its current location for 13 years. Corby recalls starting out 28 years ago selling nuts and bolts out of a trailer loaded down with 15,000 pounds of product at the “Park & Swap” on weekends.

That evolved into a 1,500-square-foot space at the 7600 Business Park. Every two years, they would expand into the next unit until there were no units left at that location. So, they moved across the street to their 8,500-square-foot location at 67th and Belmont, where they survived the recession and are back on the upswing again.

“There’s days I step outside and lock the door and get overwhelmed with emotion because I think back, that I’ve been doing this for 25 years, and what a blessing,” Corby said. “It’s those moments when it touches your heart that you’re a small businessman.”

For more information on Marks Bolts Nuts Surplus and for Corby’s expert advice, tips and how-to videos, visit The store is open Monday through Friday. Check the web site for hours and holiday schedules.

The Mayor’s Business of the Week is a program initiated by Mayor Weiers in 2014 to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit in Glendale. The purpose of the program is to heighten awareness of local companies by showcasing the many aspects of doing business in Glendale and the positive impact on our city, citizens and local economy.

Businesses that are named Business of the Week are also featured through Mayor Weiers’ social media channels @MayorWeiers and the Glendale Chamber of Commerce.