A post-holiday surge of COVID-19 has seen hospitals filled to near capacity.

Enter Glencroft.

“As local hospitals struggle to provide care and find enough space for patients, Glencroft Center for Modern Aging in Glendale is stepping up to the plate. Patients needing full-time nursing care for COVID-19 recovery are being redirected to a recently dedicated COVID recovery wing at Glencroft,” said Greg Sexton, a Glencroft spokesman.

An empty unit was remodeled for those needing special care.

“The overflow quarantine unit is called Joshua Tree and offers 13 rooms designed for COVID-19 recovery. Glencroft is working with several local hospitals — Banner, Honor and Mayo — for overflow patients. Specifically trained medical staff from Glencroft care for the patients in private rooms with around-the-clock care.”

Glencroft Center for Modern Aging was hit hard by COVID-19 last year, with more than two dozen deaths among its most vulnerable residents.

Early last month, Glencroft offered protection for its residents, distributing the first round of the COVID-19 vaccine to patients and staff electing to receive it.

“Once the need for coronavirus patient overflow care passes, Glencroft will resume renovations at Joshua Tree, which is one of several specialty care units being renovated within the skilled nursing facility,” Sexton added.