Love’s truck stop

Though a potential Love’s truck stop has been the focus of its project, Cotton Properties also plans to develop industrial/office space on Cotton Lane west of Loop 303.

At the June 23 Glendale City Council meeting, dozens of Litchfield Park and Waddell residents voiced their opposition to a Love’s truck stop. 

Neighbors of the Cotton Properties land on Cotton Lane between Glendale Avenue and Bethany Home Road have protested at every opportunity, from the annexation meetings in January through neighborhood and planning meetings.

They say a truck stop will bring crime, noise and pollution to their peaceful neighborhood.

In a request for rezoning to allow for development that was granted by city council, attorneys for Cotton Properties stressed the Love’s Travel Stop is a small portion of the project’s 160 acres. Most of the land, on Cotton Lane, is “intended to serve light manufacturing and wholesale businesses,” according to a presentation at the city council meeting.

In a PowerPoint presentation, Cotton Properties used a Love’s Travel Stop in Buckeye for comparison.

“The two locations are similar because the amount of traffic along the Loop 303 and the I-10 Freeway are similar, the surrounding densities of the residential homes are similar and the closest residential neighborhoods are approximately 1,350 feet away from the Buckeye travel stop and the potential travel stop use at the Loop 303 location,” according to the presentation.

“In reviewing the crime data at the Buckeye location, there were a total of 574 police calls for service during a five-year span from 2015-2020. Of the more than 500 calls, only nine were for assault and eight were for drug-related incidents. The majority of the calls were placed to respond to traffic accidents, thefts, traffic stops, welfare checks and agency assists,” the Cotton Properties report said.

Attorneys for Cotton Properties said they created a website to address concerns raised at a neighborhood meeting, noting, “Neighbor comments and feedback were continuously welcomed and routinely responded to following the neighborhood meeting and leading up to this public hearing.”

The attorneys said they addressed all concerns.

Excerpts from the report:

Q: Will traffic resulting from the proposed development bring increased traffic to the area and make the adjacent streets to the neighborhood unusable?

A: The applicant conducted a comprehensive traffic study to adequately address any neighborhood traffic concerns. The study concluded that the proposed development would not negatively impact the surrounding traffic because the traffic increase would be minimal and unnoticeable. Additionally, according to the traffic study, the access roads to the residential neighborhood located just west of the proposed development have adequate capacity and will not be burdened by the proposal.

Q: Will truck drivers be idling and parking their trucks overnight along Cotton Lane?

A: Truck drivers visiting the property have little incentive to venture roughly a quarter mile away from the proposed Love’s Travel Stop and idle their trucks along a residential street. Truck drivers visiting the potential travel stop will utilize the provided safe, designated parking areas and should have no need to look for space elsewhere. Accordingly, the residents along Cotton Lane should have little reason to suspect trucks will idle along their street overnight.

Q: Will the proposed uses bring additional fumes, emissions and pollution from the truck traffic impacting the health and well-being of the neighbors living in the adjacent residential community?

A: The fume, emission and pollution levels put off by the trucks will be negligible and will not endanger the health or well-being of the neighbors. The potential travel stop would be located a quarter mile away from the nearest residential development. Accordingly, the pollution or fuel emissions omitted from the trucks will not have a negative impact upon the residents west of the proposal. Moreover, when considering the development’s proximity to the Loop 303 and the Luke Air Force Base, the potential travel stop use will have an insignificant impact on the surrounding area’s air quality.

Q: Will the development be adequately monitored and protected by the Glendale Police Department?

A: The applicant has communicated with the Glendale Police Department regarding the proposed development. The Glendale Police Department has a response time goal of 5 minutes and has communicated no concerns with being able to address potential concerns on the property. Considering the development’s proximity to Luke Air Force Base and major thoroughfares, sufficient police patrols will be in the area and will have no problem responding to serious calls for service.

Q: Will school children be placed in harm’s way as a result of the development due to the traffic increase?

A: The proposed Love’s Travel Stop will not endanger any school children in the area. The nearest school is 2.5 miles to the west of the property on Bethany Home Road. There is no reason for truck drivers to venture down Bethany Home Road, as it does not connect to any streets that they would need connection to.

Q: Will the development, especially the travel stop use, negatively impact the property value of the surrounding homes?

A: There is little correlation between proposed development and one’s property value. Property values fluctuate and vary due to many factors. It cannot be said with certainty that a particular development will have an adverse impact upon one’s property value. Additionally, considering the potential economic activity as a result of the development, it is likely the development will positively impact the property values of the surrounding homes.