lake at Heroes Park

A long-awaited lake at Heroes Park is scheduled to be built in 2021.

At a Dec. 2 online meeting, Jack Friedline, Glendale’s assistant city manager, said a lake at Heroes Park is coming soon.

Construction on a 4-acre lake will begin in “very early 2021,” he said.

Friedline said the lake will feature LED lighting at night.

“This is also a fishing lake,” he said. “We’re going to partner with Arizona Game and Fish (to) make sure it’s stocked with rainbow trout and catfish.”

He said the lake will have several fishing platforms.

Friedline said a design will be presented to Glendale City Council this month.

“We would love to see the completion of this at the end of the calendar year 2021,” Friedline said.

“This time next year, I think you’re going to see something out there that looks almost like the finished project,” he said.

Councilwoman Joyce Clark, who sponsored the meeting that Friedline spoke at, noted “it’s about time.”

She said the lake is something “we’ve been waiting for a very long time. My neighbor across the street is very old, but he remembers 20 years ago when the lake was going to be built.”

On her blog in July 2018, Clark posted, “Heroes Park is far from complete. It’s a 20-year commitment by Glendale still not met. Heroes Park still lacks its Recreation and Aquatics Center (a la Foothills), its water feature, a dog park, a Phase II expansion of the library and its ball/soccer fields.”

Glendale Heroes Regional Park is at 83 W. Bethany Home Road.