The city of Glendale, along with other Maricopa County jurisdictions, have come together to provide $200 million in emergency rental and utility aid.

Along with Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa, the group of five cities has provided assistance to more than 28,000 households in Maricopa County since its start in January 2021.

“The rising cost of housing is the No. 1 issue for many individuals and families in our region,” said Bill Gates, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors chairman. “The fact is, rents are rising faster than wages for many folks, and coupled with other cost-of-living increases, people are finding that jobs that used to pay all the bills are coming up short.

“The long-term solution is more affordable housing, and Maricopa County has invested millions of dollars as part of that effort. But many people can’t wait, and that’s why this $200 million in rent and utility assistance is so significant. I am grateful to cities and towns for partnering with us to make sure help is available regardless of where in the county a person lives.” 

The involved jurisdictions have met weekly to discuss each of their best practices and approaches to standing up procedures; information technology infrastructure; and a workforce to effectively manage, vet and process a large volume of requests. 

With the weekly meetings, an emphasis on efficiency and effectivity has been fulfilled as the cities share ideas.

The practice has allowed those who are in the greatest need who are searching for assistance to be quickly directed to the rental program serving that area.

From January 2021 to March 2022, the city of Glendale has reported 2,204 households being helped while dishing out $16.6 million in aid.

“Oftentimes, crisis assistance programs are the only thing preventing a family from becoming homeless,” Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers said. “I am extremely proud that my city has an incredible team that collaborates with other regional providers to implement a service delivery model to make it easy for our residents to access rent and utility assistance.

“If there is one takeaway from the pandemic, it is that our region has a large number of households that are living on the edge of poverty, and we need to continue collaborating on strategies to improve lives for our residents.”

The successful strategies displayed in Maricopa County was recognized by President Joe Biden at the National Association of Counties 2022 Legislative Conference. The U.S. Department of Treasury also has acknowledged its effectiveness.

Renters interested in applying for emergency rental and utility assistance must submit a completed application in the jurisdiction where they reside.

Glendale renters can find an application at