Debbie Lesko President Donald Trump

Debbie Lesko and her grandson joined President Donald Trump on stage at a Phoenix rally last week. 

Before President Donald Trump gave a speech at a Phoneix rally last week, Rep. Debbie Lesko of District 8 warmed up Trump supporters. She had stinging criticisms of Democrats.

“They are trying to take away your vote through an impeachment. They are trying to take away your guns. They are trying to take away your money with higher taxes. They’re trying to take away your health insurance. And they’re even trying to take away the lives of unborn babies,” Lesko said  to the crowd, which groaned in response.

“And take away the lives of babies that are born alive. And I watched my fellow Democrats, and you know what they’re for? They’re for sanctuary cities. They’re for giving free healthcare for illegals. They’re for opening the borders. And in sharp contrast, President Trump is securing our borders,” Lesko said, drawing big applause. 

“He’s strengthening the military. He’s growing the economy. And he’s keeping America safe.”

She not only urged the crowd to vote for the president, she suggested naming a street after Trump, again drawing cheers.

“We cannot let the Democrats take over control of our country,” she warned.

“Keep up the hard work,” Lesko concluded. “This is going to be a battle, but we are going to win.”

Lesko has been a loyal defender of Trump for months. 

In a Feb. 8 tweet, the president returned the favor:

“Total and complete Endorsement for Debbie Lesko!”

At last week’s rally, after giving a speech, Trump called Lesko to join him on stage, calling her “a monster star” for facing up to Democrats in Washington D.C.

Carrying her grandson, Lesko joined Trump on stage. “He’ll be running some day,” Trump quipped.