As the city continues to research the future of Glen Lakes Municipal Golf Course, councilmembers approved an emergency transfer of funds for emergency repairs discovered at the city-owned course.

A contingency transfer was approved in the amount of $7,704 from the general fund to public facilities, recreation and special events; park maintenance for payments to the course manager, Golf Maintenance Solutions 5W, L.L.C., for the repair of items related to the continued management and operations of the Glen Lakes Municipal Golf Course.

“This is a request for a transfer for building safety issues identified at Glen Lakes Golf Course,” Assistant City Manager Tom Duensing said. “This is an unanticipated issue that was discovered going to the review of the facility.”

Vice Mayor Lauren Tolmachoff questioned the transfer after the council recently approved a nearly $500,000 contract for Maintenance Solutions to run the course.

“We are going to find more issues and we are going to have discussion for what to do with the property,” Tolmachoff said. “I guess the question I have is if we are having overall discussions on everything before we continue to spend more money on how we are going to proceed.”

Duensing said the recent repair issues were found during a building inspection while reviewing the property. The items discovered were the demolition and removal of a canopy cover over a portion of the maintenance building and the relocation of an electrical panel located under the canopy. 

“The building inspection showed that the maintenance building needed to be demolished and an electrical panel replaced and covered,” Duensing said. “The estimates we received were $5,954 for the maintenance building and electrical panel estimate of $1,750, for a total of $7,704. This is an emergency request and a safety issue.”

Mayor Jerry Weiers questioned if the city would recover the costs it was paying to try to bring the course up to code.

“As it pertains to this, are we going to be able to recover the cost if usage is quadrupled or will we still come up short (financially)?” Weiers asked.

Duensing said the city was reviewing the course and couldn’t answer the question.

Barrel Councilmember Bart Turner pointed out that the Golf Maintenance Solutions contract was for more than just operation of the course, but Golf Maintenance Solutions had already completed improvements to the course.

“The $429,500 contract is for more than just the operation of the course,” Turner said. “They have already done remedial improvements to the course, as well as repairs that nobody anticipated.”