District 20 candidates

The deadline for the Aug. 4 election is nearing for Glendale voters, who will  narrow down the field of state representatives.

In the Arizona State Senate and House of Representatives primary election, Legislative District 20 seats are on the ballot.

Incumbent Paul Boyer of Glendale was the only Republican to file and Douglas Ervin of Phoenix was the only Democrat to file for the state Senate position in District 20.

Incumbents Anthony Kern of Glendale and Shawnna Bolick of Phoenix were the only two Republicans to file for the two state representatives of District 20. Judy Schwiebert of Phoenix filed as a Democrat for District 20.

The deadline to mail ballots was July 29. For a list of polling locations, visit recorder.maricopa.gov.

The Glendale Star emailed questions to candidates about their priorities and plans. Here is the second part of the answers of those who replied:


What is your track record and style of responding to questions from the public?

Douglas Ervin: I make it a point to make myself available to our community so I can listen to their concerns and better represent them in the state Senate. We frequently hold public events such as candidates in the park, coffees with the candidate, virtual town halls and house parties to meet with people of every political affiliation. Prior to the virus outbreak, I knocked on tens of thousands of doors in the district and currently make hundreds of phone calls each week to citizens to let people know I want to hear from them.

Throughout my business career, I worked hard to respond honestly and in a timely way to questions, and I am working to continue that tradition for the people of my district so I can better serve them in the state Senate.

Paul Boyer: I meet with and respond regularly with everyone. When I was chairman of the House Education committee, if you showed up and requested to speak, you got the opportunity to speak no matter how long it took.

Judy Schwiebert: As a teacher, and leader of organizations in our community, I’ve often found myself in the position of responding to questions. I welcome those opportunities. As a candidate, for the past year I’ve been knocking on doors—and now calling people to listen to their concerns, and I’ve learned a great deal. Those conversations have helped challenge me and make sure that I’m prioritizing the things most important to my community. I want to hear from people—and will have an open door as their representative.

Anthony Kern: During the Legislative session I meet with my assistant on a daily basis to handle and/or discuss the questions and concerns that are received from my constituents. My cellphone number is made available to the public, and I often speak directly to whomever is calling. I strive to answer all telephone calls and emails as I receive them. I truly want to be available to the people of my district. I check the campaign website every two or three days and reply promptly to questions or requests received via that method of communication.

Shawnna Bolick: In my first term as a legislator, I was very successful in working across the aisle. The bills I sponsored, passed and signed into law were each passed in a bipartisan fashion. Prior to COVID, I held a lot of in-person meetings each day at the Capitol. I have replaced many in-person meetings with personal phone calls and online meetings to keep abreast of community and state issues. Our office has received a tremendous number of pleas for help these last few months from constituents across our district for unemployment assistance and eviction assistance. 


Why should someone vote for you?

Paul Boyer: Because I am someone who listens to, advocates for and fights for my constituents. I’ve demonstrated this by the bills I’ve championed, such as giving child victims of sexual assault more time to confront their abuser.

Douglas Ervin: As an accountant and tutor for second-graders, I am working to restore fiscal responsibility to our state so that all children receive a great education; everyone has access to quality, affordable health care; and we make smart infrastructure investments—all which will help grow our economy and create good-paying jobs. While people may not agree with all of my policy decisions, I will continue to listen to their concerns and honestly communicate with the people in our community. Unlike the career politicians currently in office, I will work to protect Arizona’s future, and I look forward to serving the people of Legislative District 20 in the state Senate.

Anthony Kern: I have kept my promises and am first and foremost concerned about the welfare of the citizens that live in Legislative District 20. I have experience having served three sessions in the House of Representatives. I am dedicated and extremely hard working to help and serve all Arizonans. I promise, I will continue to work very diligently to make everyone’s life better. I respectfully ask for your vote, and I will not let you down. Please go to my website, votekern.com, for more information.

Shawnna Bolick: I have served honorably since I took the oath in January 2019. I have engaged in our community and taken feedback from constituents when scrutinizing the hundreds of bills that cross my desk. I look forward to continuing to represent Legislative District 20 for another two years, and I humbly ask for your vote during the August primary and November general elections.

Judy Schwiebert: I’m running for office out of a conviction that our community deserves representatives who will listen to our priorities and then work together to get things done for us. I never imagined I would be running for election, but as I reflect back on my life, I recognize that when I’ve seen problems, I’ve felt compelled to be part of the solution—to making things better. So, I’m now a candidate to represent us because this is a rare opportunity to serve our community. As your representative in the state House, I will listen and vote based on what will make the lives of everyday people like us better. I will always put people first, because I know that we all do better when every student gets a quality education and everyone gets their chance to thrive.