Divine Consign


When Laura Mathews arrived in the Valley in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in interior design, the seeds of consignment had already been planted.

“Upon graduation, I was hired on at a very successful, high-end consignment store in Oak Park, Ill. for three years,” Mathews said.

Mathews met her life and business partner, Tom Brown, who is a third-generation contractor from Glendale, and both were intrigued by the consignment business model. They conceived the plan for Divine Consign Phoenix. Located at Arrowhead Marketplace, Divine Consign Phoenix refreshingly fills a need in the Northwest Valley for an upscale consignment business.

Brown’s carpentry experience in the Valley and two previous generations of contractors combined with Mathews’ extensive knowledge of interior design afford clients of any budget to seek their services.

“I’ve built homes from frame to finish,” Brown said. “We can go deeper into houses with finish carpentry, cabinetry and counters.”

Their cavernous showroom is a testament to shattering the notion that one must shop around for estimates. Be prepared to stay and browse. Among the furniture, bric-a-brac and the customer, whose pace can most aptly be described as mosey, there’s an interior design office replete with fabrics, draperies and reupholstering needs. A little deeper in is a high-quality display of handcrafted cabinetry, counter tops, tiles and what sounds something like Bob Vila toiling about.

“The landscape of Divine Consign Phoenix changes daily. Lots of coming and going,” Mathews said.

Consignment provides the means for goods that have either worn out their welcome, outgrown their space or been outgrown themselves. Every piece of furniture, art, dinnerware and random ceramic thimble has a story. All the items housed at Divine Consign Phoenix are waiting for the next chapter in their story. If this sounds too dramatic, consider this: There is a lifetime of sentiment tied to most of it. What story can it live, henceforth?

Perhaps just as intriguing are Mathews and Brown themselves. Both have a passion for their work and possess personable demeanors, teeming with ideas to suit any taste. Approach them with nary an idea and walk away from the encounter knowing that at least someone knows your needs. They are from vastly different backgrounds and educated with entirely opposite means of achievement. However, their differences translate to an uncanny ability to communicate and offer a wide variety of opinions and ideas. It doesn’t take long to realize this is a powerful partnership.

Amid the hustle and bustle is a dream waiting to be fulfilled. Whether it is an end table or a complete redesign, Divine Consign Phoenix awaits. This is a place where dreams can become reality. Not just for Mathews and Brown, but for the person wanting change in the home.

 “What impression do either of you want people to have etched in their minds when they walk out of your store?”

Mathews and Brown looked at one another waiting for one or the other to say something. There was no response from either. It seemed appropriate considering there is so much to absorb and so many options under one roof.

Divine Consign Phoenix is a treasure trove of things, from conventional household goods to oddities looking for their next home. It actually has a home show atmosphere minus the smell of popcorn and a local celebrity making balloon animals. That doesn’t mean this can’t happen. This is where dreams become reality. Come in and dream. Ask questions, try on some pants, and, by all means, mosey at your own pace.

Visit the store, or go online for a sample of what Divine Consign Phoenix has to offer.