gold star trophy against blue background

The city of Glendale’s efforts to promote air quality were honored by the Maricopa County Air Quality Department, which awarded the city a Spotlight Award “for efforts to reach out to residents with important clean air information.” 

The Spotlight Award recognized Glendale’s “Clean and Green” program, which is funded by the Water Services, Field Operations and Transportation departments and mailed to residents.

“Much of the air pollution in Maricopa County comes from daily activities and lifestyle choices,” said Maricopa County Education Outreach Coordinator Jenny Frank. 

“I would like to recognize the city of Glendale for their continued efforts to spread air pollution prevention messaging to their residents.

“Their commitment to a clean and sustainable environment is helping us achieve our mission to provide clean air to the residents of Maricopa County so we can all live, work and play in a healthy environment.”