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"Just making it to the ballot is a victory, as candidates must collect signatures of support."

Before Glendale voters decide on the mayor and three council seats up for election on this year’s ballot, would-be candidates have work to do.

Just making it to the ballot is a victory, as candidates must collect signatures of support. The number of signatures varies, based on the number of voters in each city.

And the paperwork keeps stacking up for candidates.

Prior to collecting signatures, candidates must file a “Candidate Statement of Interest” form. The one-page form asks for the candidate’s name, position desired, address as well as phone number and is available from the clerk of each city, who collects the signed forms. 

“Per statute, nomination papers for the 2020 Glendale City Council election must be filed no earlier than March 9, 2020, and no later than April 6, 2020,” said Julie Bowers, Glendale’s city clerk.

Mayor Jerry Weiers and councilmembers Joyce Clark, Ray Malnar and Ian Hugh have made the first step in defending their positions.

All four of the above have filed candidate statements of interest.

Bower said Amanda Trout filed an interest statement.

At press time, no other candidates filed to challenge Hugh in the Cactus District and Malnar in the Sahuaro District. 

Corey Bowen and Kathryn McKinney filed statements of interest to challenge Clark in the Yucca District.

Candidate statements of interest and candidate packets are available from the clerk’s office.

To schedule an appointment to obtain a candidate packet, call 623-930-2252, option 1.